Posted on Mar 10, 2016
Many people have seen the Netflix documentary about Steven Avery, exonerated from one crime by DNA evidence, subsequently convicted of murder in another case by mostly circumstantial evidence, and surrounded in a controversy over police corruption in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley.

Another drama is unfolding in the same area of the state, this one involving members of the motorcycle community. Although a different police agency is involved in this case, allegations of police corruption and worse are coming to light. This case has all the makings of an ideal Hollywood blockbuster, complete with an interesting cast of characters, the appearance of murky back door dealings, conspiracy to cover-up a crime and manipulations of the justice system. The problem with all of this is it isn’t a movie but a real life drama. Read the continuing saga and make your own conclusions about what really happened.

Are motorcyclists, motorcycle clubs and motorcycle business owners the targets of unscrupulous police practices? There is a growing concern among members of the motorcycle community that certain law enforcement agencies are engaged in illegal profiling, conspiracy to cover-up, obstruction of justice and overzealous enforcement practices. In order to defend their actions, these agencies should release evidence such as videos, body-cam film, witness statements and anything else that would enlighten the public about the circumstances leading up to these charges.  Instead of transparency, there is the murky darkness of intrigue.

Tony Sanfelipo
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Senior Motorcycle Accident Investigator