Posted on Oct 13, 2011

Grand prize winner

Tiger Beyer, Grand Prize winner in Wisconsin with Tony Pan, Neda Stevic and Attorney Michael Hupy at the ABATE of Wisconsin State Meeting. Tiger's lucky number was just drawn by Neda Stevic.

Hupy and Abraham has been promoting safety and awareness for motorcyclists by providing free Watch For Motorcycles bumper stickers to anyone wanting them. In order to promote even more sticker use and to reward people for displaying the stickers, a special drawing was set up for Wisconsin and Ilinois. Vehicles that were spotted with the stickers were given a drawing card with a specific number. A stub with the matching number was returned to the law firm by employees who acted as spotters. Participants were instructed to call or email Hupy and Abraham with their name, contact information and the number on their card. At that point they were entered into one of the two drawings for Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois.

In addition, if the grand prize winner in either state happened to be an ABATE of Wisconsin member, an additonal $500 would be donated to ABATE of Wisconsin's general fund.  Attorney Michael Hupy and investigator Tony Pan Sanfelipo are Life Members of ABATE of Wisconsin and partners Jason Abraham and Chad Kreblin are also members.

Each state has a grand prize winner ($1,000), 2nd place ($250) and 3rd place ($150).

The lucky winners are:

Wisconsin...Grand Prize, Tiger Beyer; 2nd place, Kae Shober; 3rd place, Barb Barnes

Illinois...Grand Prize, Tom Schon; 2nd place, Randy Coffman; 3rd place, Julie Morris

Since Tiger Beyer is an ABATE of Wisconsin member, ABATE receives $500 for its general fund. Congratulations to these lucky winners and to ABATE of Wisconsin and thank you to all of the participants who are helping to remind motorists to Watch For Motorcycles. Together we can save lives and prevent crashes.

Tiger Beyer
Wisconsin Grand Prize winner Tiger Beyer receives his $1,000 check from Attorney Michael Hupy and also ABATE of Wisconsin's $500 check from Tony Pan Sanfelipo.