Posted on Mar 16, 2015

People have taken to the streets in Madison, Wisconsin to protest what they feel is the latest example of police using excessive force. On March 6, 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot and killed by Officer Matt Kenny in an apartment building. Officer Kenny forced his way into the apartment after hearing about a disturbance when Robinson reportedly attacked him.

Picures of Ront Robison and Officer Matt Kenny after tragic death
19-year-old Tony Robinson (left) was shot and killed by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny (right)

Officer Kenny was not wearing a body camera at the time of the incident. Law enforcement officials are currently combing through nearby surveillance and dash cam footage from police cars that arrived after the fact to find clues about what happened.

In the aftermath of the incident, Madison’s Police Chief was seen praying with Robinson’s grandmother in her driveway. However, the Madison Police Department has not acknowledged any wrongdoing.

Robinson was arrested for armed robbery last year and sentenced to three years of probation. He also reportedly suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression.

Much like the other incidents of police killing unarmed black men, this one has sparked ongoing protests. Thousands have gathered in Madison to protest the shooting. All of the demonstrations have been peaceful.

Citizens in Aurora, Colorado have also held demonstrations after police shot and killed unarmed Naeschylus Vinzant. Aurora is the same place where James Holmes killed 12 people in a movie theatre before police peacefully apprehended him. Holmes was heavily armed.

In accordance with a new law, the incident will be independently reviewed, rather than letting police investigate themselves. Attorney General Brad Schimel declined to reveal further details due to the turbulence other police shootings have caused. The coroner revealed that Robinson was hit in the head, torso and upper body, but didn’t specify the number of shots.

The trend of police killing unarmed black men has raised concern about racial bias in law enforcement. The shooting in Ferguson, Missouri received considerable media coverage and sparked nationwide protests, some of which turned violent.

In Milwaukee, 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was killed by Officer Christopher Manney, who shot him 14 times, at a public park. This incident also led to protests and Manney was subsequently fired.

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