Posted on Apr 04, 2014

Gina Woods is well known as the host of Open Road Radio, a Chicago area motorcycle talk show. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has a long history of supporting Gina and her various projects, and none more gratifying than her recent HER Project.

two women motorcyclist holding our watch for motorcycles sticker at a booth

Gina is no novice to "all women" bike builds. She's one of the first to organize such events, starting with her XX Chromes projects. Her vision to do something for veterans, and specifically to recognize the sacrifices of women veterans culminated in creating the HER Project; to Honor, Ecnourage, Recognize and Salute Women in the Military.

She picked a team of very qualified women who have served our country, each lending to the build or painting of a custom motorcycle. The team first built a Trike motorcycle during the IMS show in Chicago this year and then took up the challenge to build a custom bike during Daytona Bike Week. We were very happy to be a sponsor of this project, along with some industry giants and even a helping hand by legend, Dave Perewitz.

Gina promises to continue with future all women bike builds and if her past builds are any measure, we're sure this tradition will grow bigger and better every year.

Tony Sanfelipo
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