Posted on Jan 17, 2012

ABATE of Wisconsin purchased land in central Wisconsin, named ABATE Acres, and uses the land for its annual summer party and other events throughout the year. In order to help pay down the mortgage, the Dan Frantz Fund was established in honor of the man who sat on the Land Committee and chaired the Finance Committee for ABATE. Frantz died in 2009.

Hupy and Abraham, through the inspiration of Attorney Michael Hupy, pledged a matching grant program to help pay down the mortgage at ABATE Acres. In 2011, Hupy and Abraham promised to match any and all donations, up to $2,500, to the fund. That goal was met in late spring and the law firm increased its pledge to $3,500. That goal was met by June and at the 2011 Summer Hummer, ABATE's annual summer party, ABATE founder Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo presented a check for $3,500 to ABATE Executive Director Ric Mellon. Sanfelipo is a 20 year employee of Hupy and Abraham Since there were still six months left in 2011, Attorney Hupy pledged another matching grant of up to $5,000 for the remainder of the year. That goal was also met and Sanfelipo again presented ABATE of Wisconsin with a check, this time for $5,000 at the annual Officer Training Seminar in January, 2012. These matching grant checks represented the first $3,500 raised by ABATE and the additional $5,000 raised by the end of the year. Together with the checks presented by Hupy and Abraham, a total of $17,000 was deposited in the Dan Frantz Fund in 2011.

At the Officer Training Seminar, it was announced that Hupy and Abraham would pledge another matching grant for 2012. This time, it would be a Triple Match Grant, meaning that every dollar donated to ABATE of Wisconsin's Dan Frantz Fund, up to $10,000, would triple.  Hupy and Abraham would match donations up to $10,000 and Attorney Michael Hupy would personally match up to $10,000 also. This has a potential of raising up to $30,000 for the Dan Frantz Fund for ABATE Acres in 2012. The Triple Match Grant runs from January 1 to December 31, 2012.

Instead of just donating money to the Dan Frantz Fund, Hupy and Abraham is challenging the members and friends of ABATE of Wisconsin to engage in the fund raising process. The challenge was well received and ABATE is off to a good start of reaching the $10,000 goal, which in turn will triple thanks to the generosity and ingenuity of Hupy and Abraham  If you would like to help ABATE meet its goal this year for the Dan Frantz Fund, you can send donations in any amount to: ABATE of Wisconsin-Dan Frantz Fund, C/O Lisa Martin, Treasurer, N4535 Hwy 55, Chilton, WI  53014. Donations to this fund are not tax deductible under IRS standards.  For more, visit ABATE of Wisconsin's web site.