Posted on Dec 22, 2016

Check out our list of top motorcycle buys for bikers!

For last-minute shoppers, there’s still plenty of time before Christmas, hours even. For last-minute shoppers with a motorcycle rider in their life, the question of what to buy can be intimidating. Check out our list of top motorcycle buys for bikers!

Go Pro – For most motorcyclists, having documentation of their adventures is not only a keepsake, but a learning tool and small ego boost at the same time. Perfect for any rider. Estimated cost: $100-$400

gopro motorsports hero wide GoPro SD Hero 170. $99.99


Baggage, the good kind – For a lot of motorcycles, storage is an issue, and tank bags can damage paint. A tail bag or fork bag can be the perfect marriage between versatility and style. Estimated cost: $30-$80

Literature – A less expensive gift, classics include “A Twist of the Wrist” (one and two), especially apt for fans of speed, and Peter Egan’s “Leanings” series, a collection of stories from one of the most legendary motorcycle storytellers of all time. Estimated cost: $20-$60

Motorcycle Ornament – Pretty self-explanatory, but what rider wouldn’t want a miniature representative of their bike on the tree! Estimated cost: $10-$20

Sportster Black Motorcycle Glass OrnamentSportster glass ornament


Horn – Riding safety is key, what better way to make a lane-wandering driver aware than with a horn upgrade like the gentle 120-decibel SoundBomb? Estimated cost: $30-$50

Art – Most riders will appreciate anything to do with their passion. Etsy’s selection of “popular motorcycle gifts” offers everything from garage helmet hooks to posters and unique T-shirts. This is also a great chance to “give” them their dream bike! Estimated cost: Variable

Jump Pack – Never be stranded with a dead bike, car or cellphone again. Useful for almost anything with a battery, and also makes you a hero to any stranded drivers or bikers. Estimated cost: $40-$80

Motorcycle battery chargerThe Noco Genius G1100 6V/12V 1.1 A Smart Battery Charger. Source: NOCO


Mini Air Compressor – Another item for motorcycle maintenance. Maintaining correct tire pressure is a must for all riders. Include a nice repair kit or pressure gauge to make it a set!  Estimated cost: $30-$60

Tire Repair Kit – A great gift for the long-distance rider. A repair kit is good insurance for anyone. Estimated cost: $20-$50

Motorcycle Scissors Jack – Less pricey than you might think, a jack eliminates the need for the rider in your life to wrench their back while wrenching on their bike. Be sure to confirm before ordering that the jack supports the weight of their bike! Estimated cost: $70-$180

Guardian Angel Bell – A popular item this year. The idea is to purchase this as a small token of protection for your favorite motorcyclist(s). Tradition dictates they hang it on the lowest possible area of their bike. Estimated cost: $15-$35

Guardian Bell BikerCatGuardian® Bell BikerCat. $11.99


Helmet Lock – With great gear comes a great risk that sticky fingers might walk away with it. Universal helmet locks offer a secure way to leave your lid behind when not on the road. Estimated cost: $30-$50

A great gift for any biker is anything that supports their passion, so try not to worry too much while making a gift decision! At Hupy and Abraham S.C. you can find FREE motorcycle swag in any season, including “Watch For Motorcycles” stickers in varying shapes, styles and colors.