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Hupy and Abraham Supports YWCA's 18th Annual Circle of Women Luncheon


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Dear Hupy and Abraham,

Thank you for your generous gift for our "18th Annual Circle of Women Luncheon!"

Each of the testimonial speakers were thrilled with the kindness and support they received during and after the event. In fact, despite her nervousness, Linda wanted to know when she could speak at another fundraiser! It is exciting to watch the women we serve gain confidence and pride in how far they've come.

To find out how your gift is making a difference for more women like Linda, Brandy, Sahsha, and Ameera, please stay connected with us. We will be sharing photos, stories, and statistics throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter, our website, and in our newsletters.

Thank you again for being a part of this important work!

Warm regards,

Paula H. Penebaker
YWCA Southest Wisconsin

Shana M. Piaskoski
Chief Development Officer
YWCA Southest Wisconsin

Jill Erin Wellskopf
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham

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