Dog attacks occur in a variety of locations

Approximately 4.5 million people in the United States suffer dog bites injuries every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This statistic may surprise you and leave you with questions. Specifically, you may be wondering where these accidents commonly happen and who is legally responsible for paying the dog bite victim’s damages? Whether or not you have been hurt, it is important to know this information in case you are hurt by a dog in the future.

Where Do Dog Bites Commonly Occur?

A dog bite can happen anywhere. Dog bite injuries that are not caused by your own pet often occur in or at…

  • Businesses, stores, or vets’ offices. A dog owner may be liable for any injury caused by a dog in an office, store, vets’ office, dog grooming facility, or other business.
  • Parks. Dogs may have the right to be in certain Wisconsin parks, but owners are still liable for any injuries caused by their animals in these parks.
  • Sidewalks. Dog owners have a right to walk their dogs on public sidewalks. However, they are responsible for any injuries that their dogs cause when they are on the sidewalks or when their dogs escape from their own yards.
  • Other people’s homes. You may know that your friend or relative has a dog when you enter the house or apartment, but you never know when the animal may become aggressive and cause a dog bite injury.

If you have been hurt anywhere, then you should get immediate medical attention and you should consider how you are going to pay for the damages that you’ve suffered.

Who Pays for the Damages From a Dog Bite Injury?

If you are bitten by a dog and you fail to take action, then you will be responsible for paying your own damages. However, you have the right to take action and to have the dog owner or other liable party pay for the injuries caused by the dog.

Wisconsin has a strict liability dog bite statute. Therefore, in most cases, the dog’s owner will be responsible for paying your damages after a dog bite incident. Additionally, in limited cases it may be possible to hold the person who was in control of the dog liable for your injuries too.

The first step in your legal recovery from a dog bite injury is to understand your rights. We encourage you to read more your rights by browsing this website or reading a FREE copy of our dog bite brochure.

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