You are only going to get one chance to make things right. If you have been hurt in a car accident then you have once chance to recover damages. Once you accept a settlement offer or a final court decision is reached, you will not be able to recover additional damages in the future.

That’s Why You Need to Recover for All of Your Damages Now

Your personal injury lawyer can explain the damages that you may recover in settlement negotiations or in court. However, in order for your lawyer to fight for the fair damages that you deserve, you need to make sure that your lawyer knows everything that this accident has cost you. For example, you want to make sure that you don’t forget to tell your lawyer about:

  1. Any secondary sources of income that you were unable to earn while you were hurt. For instance, you may tell your lawyer that you were unable to teach during the day, but did you also lose tutoring income on nights and weekends? Or, perhaps you practice medicine during the day—but do you also teach at a local college? It is important that you tell your lawyer about all of your income so that you can recover for all of the past, current, and future pay that you have lost.
  2. Home and child care expenses you incurred. If you were unable to clean your house, care for your children, prepare meals, run errands, take your kids places, or do the other things that you typically do around the house, then you may be entitled to compensation.
  3. The emotional impact of your injuries. These may hard to quantify, but your pain and suffering are a very real part of the injuries that you have suffered. An experienced lawyer knows how to attach a dollar figure to the toll the accident has taken on you.

Of course, if there are any other losses that are difficult to see or hard to quantify, then you should also share them with your lawyer so that you can make a fair and just recovery.

Want to Know More About Getting a Full and Fair Recovery?

Pursuing justice does not have to be overwhelming, nor does it have to interfere with your recovery. Instead, you have the right to contact a lawyer to learn more about your rights. Please read our free book, The Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims, at your convenience and contact us via this website to schedule a free initial consultation.

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