You knew that riding a motorcycle was a risk. You knew that if a car, a truck, or even another motorcycle hit you that the chances of being injured were significant. However, you did not expect to be hit and left there. You did not expect the driver who caused your injuries to leave you on the road.

What To Do When You Realize the Other Driver Has Left the Accident Scene

What you do immediately following your accident depends on the how badly you are hurt and the circumstances of your crash. If you are physically able to do so and your cell phone is still working then it is important to call 911 and to report that you were injured in a crash, the location of the crash, and the fact that the other driver left the scene of the crash. The police should come help you and try to find the other driver.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for you to make that call. If you are unable to call then it is important to try to flag down another driver who can make the call for you and help protect you from further injury until the first responders come. Of course, if you are unconscious or otherwise not able to flag down a driver then you will have to wait until someone comes to your rescue.

How a Milwaukee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer May Help You After Your Crash

Just because the other driver left the scene of the accident does not mean that the driver has escaped all responsibility for your accident, nor does it mean that you will have to bear the weight of your accident injuries. Instead, your Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney will work had to locate the other driver and to hold that driver accountable. If that can’t be done then your lawyer will look to your own insurance policy to help you recover the damages that you deserve.

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