someone driving with their attention on a phone and text What to do when others drivers text while driving

Do you text and drive? We hope not, but we bet you’ve seen others who do. When you’re attempting to be safe and responsible, nothing can be more infuriating than seeing another driver with their eye’s cast down, weaving in their lane, or maybe not even noticing a light turn green. You KNOW they are texting, and it can be very difficult not to let your emotions dictate your response. When you’re worried about your safety, or your family’s safety, on the road, tempers can flare quickly.

So when you see another driver texting while driving, what do you do and what is the best response? Do you honk your horn or reprimand them at the next light? Or do you get away from the vehicle altogether, and avoid a confrontation?

Law enforcement officers suggest the latter. Unfortunately, you never know the mental state of another driver. Your well-meant reprimand or actions (getting angry, making rude gestures or attempting to follow them) may unintentionally anger the already negligent driver and lead them to lash out dangerously. Sadly, any retaliation may mistakenly put yourself, and other motorists, in even more danger. The last thing you want is to demonstrate aggressive driving yourself or contribute to their already dangerous actions.
What to do if you see another motorist texting while driving:
  1. Don’t shout, follow or otherwise attempt to call the other driver out for their behavior. You have no idea how this person may receive your criticism, no matter how nice you are about it.
  2. Give the texting driver lots of room and attempt to put yourself considerably far ahead or behind them in case their driving puts you in danger.
  3. Contact 911 only if the texting driver is driving erratically and is a significant danger to others or themselves. Report the vehicle’s license plate number, location and their traveling direction to dispatch, but do not attempt to follow the driver or take a photo which can magnify other driving dangers.

Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous, and the way we as drivers and advocates respond to it is important. Impactful public service announcements, raising awareness and having frank conversations about preventing distracting driving often tends to reach people better than the threat of a ticket. As personal injury attorneys, we see the tragic aftermath of these types of accidents EVERY day. And more often than not, the victims of these preventable accidents are teenagers and young adults. That’s why Attorney Jason Abraham enlisted the help of his daughter and new driver Ally Abraham, along with her local driving school Arcade Driving, to get this message directly into the hands of young, new drivers. Jason and Ally’s PSAs have now been viewed on television and at sporting events in our community thousands of times.

Hupy and Abraham has also distributed over 50,000 free DNT TXT N DRV bumper stickers into the community, and have recruited thousands of people to sign our DNT TXT N DRV PLEDGE to commit drivers to develop safer habits.

When you see another person texting while driving, the most important thing to do is to ensure your own safety above all else. But in the event that you or a loved one is injured by a driver who is texting or driving aggressively, contact the personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham right away. Call 800-800-5678, or start a live chat with us anytime at
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