Vacation gone wrong Avoid Vacation injuries and accidents The holiday season is upon us, and for many it signals a time to travel and vacation in places new and unfamiliar. If currently planning your vacation, it’s likely you’re making a list to remember your sunblock, cellphone charger and travel pillow. But, how about your insurance card?

Unfortunately, accidents can strike anywhere, and when enjoying some much-needed time off, an injury away from home is likely the last thing on your mind. But, while driving a rental car through a foreign city, trying your hand at skiing for the first time or attending an exotic festival, an accident can put a major damper on your vacation! This is especially difficult if you’re traveling in a different state or country.

Because of this, it is really important to understand the variations and changes in laws when traveling, and to plan appropriately. Wherever your trip takes you, keep these tips in mind before you disembark:

  • Laws Differ State to State: Keep in mind that different states enforce different laws for a variety of issues. These may range from helmet laws, to pet leash regulations, to traffic laws and everything in between. If you are injured on vacation, we encourage you to call a law firm in your home state for a free legal consultation. Hupy and Abraham has offices throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. An experienced attorney can field your questions and determine whether the issue can be addressed in your home state or the location of the accident.
  • Insure Whatever Vehicle You’re In: Whether you’re using a rental car, your personal vehicle or a recreational vehicle like a motorcycle, boat or ATV, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Also make sure you have personal health insurance, as many of these vehicles will not include it. Consider opting in for "first party benefits” insurance that will follow your vehicle(s) when you travel.
  • Pack for Any Emergency: Make sure you pack all medical and auto insurance cards in an easily accessible place, just in case of an accident. Also include any medical alert items, lists of allergens, passports, identification and a written list of phone numbers for anyone who may need to be reached in an emergency. You can even include a card like this free one from Hupy and Abraham that allows others to easily contact your attorney in case you’ve been seriously injured.
The experienced personal injuries attorneys of Hupy and Abraham can help you determine your best course of action after any accident. If you were injured on vacation, don’t worry. Call us at 800-800-5678 for a free consultation, or start a live chat with us anytime at
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