Here are 5 summer toys and activities that are most likely to cause harm.

For most children, summer can mean scraped knees, stitches and the occasional broken bone. However, due to the increasingly high-tech and complex nature of today’s toys, some children also suffer serious injuries as a result of the most popular activities.

When Injuries Occur

When a toy (or other product) injures a child, these cases are referred to as “product liability claims.” These claims allege that a designer or manufacturer sold a defectively designed product or built a product that caused injury to a consumer. In order to win these types of cases, persons (with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney) must be able to prove that:

  1. A product was defective.
  2. The designer or manufacturer's negligence caused the product to be defective.
  3. Someone was injured as a direct result of the negligence in the design or manufacture of the product.
  4. Injuries resulted in compensable damages.

Top 5 Summer Hazards

Many toy-related injuries happen because of poor supervision or the inherently dangerous design of the toy or activity. To help families avoid preventable accidents, Hupy and Abraham’s personal injury attorneys have created a list of the most common summer hazards for kids, including toys and activities that can lead to serious injuries or death.

  1. Pokémon Go – The popular app-based video game has been making news lately. There are many benefits to getting outside and enjoying the game. But, remember to be safe! Pedestrians and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially around traffic. Never “catch” Pokémon while driving.
  2. Toy Guns – Airsoft and pellet guns are considered the No. 1 most dangerous summer toy. Serious injuries, especially to the eyes, have been on the rise in recent years.
  3. Hover Boards – These futuristic toys were one of the hottest gifts during the recent holiday season. They were also responsible for numerous accidents and injuries. Many brands were also recalled because of fire hazards.
  4. Swimming (shallow water and pool toys) – Young children are most at risk for summer swimming accidents and require constant supervision near water. Baby pools, buckets and even fountains are popular for children trying to beat the summer heat, but pose significant risk to little ones who can drown in as little as two inches of water. Pool toys and water wings can also pose dangers. These toys provide a false sense of security and should never take the place of certified life jackets.
  5. Trampolines and Bounce Houses – Broken bones, concussions and more serious neck and back injuries are common with these toys. Improperly weighted bounce houses can even be carried off in strong winds and cause serious injuries to children inside.

Summer is a special time of year when children get to spend an excess amount of time participating in activities and playing with friends. And while risks are an inherent part of growing up, some accidents can be easily prevented. Encourage young children to take safety into account before all summer adventures and help spread awareness by reminding others to help keep children safe.

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