A motorcyclist is parked on a winter sidewalk.

If you love riding motorcycles, winter can be a bit tricky. Many riders store their bikes because it's cold, snowy and slippery, but some of us still ride all year round, no matter the weather. Riding in winter can be tough and even a bit risky, but with the right know-how and preparation, you can still enjoy a safe ride through the winter wonderland.

Here are some important tips to stay safe and ready for a winter motorcycle ride:

First, check that your bike is ready for winter. Make sure all the components on your motorcycle have no damage and are in good shape for a ride. Look at your tires to ensure they have enough tread for slippery roads. Make sure your battery is fully charged because the cold can drain it faster. It's also smart to change the oil to a winter-grade one before you ride.

Wear the right clothes and riding gear. Put on warm and waterproof clothing to stay cozy and dry. Layer up so you can adjust to the weather. Cover your head, hands and feet since the cold air can cause injuries to open skin very quickly. Staying warm will help you handle different riding conditions better and be more alert.

Winter is unpredictable, so stay alert and ready for anything. Keep an eye on the weather to avoid riding in a blizzard or other hazardous weather. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road since it takes longer to stop your bike on slippery roads. Watch for hazards like leaves, snow, ice and debris. Be extra careful on bridges because they freeze before regular roads. Focus fully on your riding and get rid of any distractions.

Always have a plan just in case things go wrong. Make sure your phone is charged so you can call for help in case of an emergency. Let a family member or friend know you're going out on a ride, tell them your route and how long you'll be gone. This way, they can check on you to make sure you get home safe.

Know your limits. If you're not confident in your riding skills in winter, it's OK to keep your bike off the roads and in storage. Your safety and the safety of others are of the utmost importance. Choose another way to get around, whether it be by car, bicycle or public transportation, if you're not comfortable. If you’d like to check out some tips on storing your bike properly, head here.

Following these tips will help you have a safe and fun winter motorcycle ride. Always be prepared and you'll have an awesome winter adventure!

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