We all know some who has been in a car accident and ended up just fine, even when the car had been totaled. This because the car’s safety features directed the force of the impact to the car and away from the occupant, but we rarely hear such stories about Wisconsin motorcycle wrecks.

The chances of walking away unharmed from a motorcycle crash are very low; in fact, more than 95% of Wisconsin biking accidents result in injury. The very nature of a motorcycle means that there is no protective frame to absorb the impact. Motorcycle manufacturers must look at other ways to make motorcycles safe and the biking accident lawyers of Hupy and Abraham provide an overview of these features.

The top 5 motorcycle safety features

  1. Anti-lock brakes: Anti-lock braking systems aren’t just for cars. Motorcycles with anti-lock brakes can stop skids and allow the rider to brake quickly when there are unfavorable road conditions.
  2. Airbags: Airbags are a standard safety feature in cars, but now some models of motorcycles are also available with airbag technology. Motorcycle airbags are usually found behind the windscreen and meant to prevent injury in a head-on collision. In addition, some gear manufacturers are looking into adding airbags to helmets and motorcycle clothing.
  3. Anti-theft: Many motorcycles come with anti-theft alarms or other technology to prevent bikes from being stolen. While these features are nice, it is important to take your own precautions.
  4. Lights: Lights allow a motorcyclist to see and protect his safety by allowing to be seen. Motorcycles with special lights that are reflective and provide near- and far-distance lighting serve both purposes.
  5. Design: Motorcycle design isn’t all about looks. Manufacturers make some bikes longer or wider to improve both traction and control.

No matter what safety features your motorcycle has, nothing is as important as riding defensively. Our Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa motorcycle collision lawyers have seen many situations where crashes could have easily been prevented.

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