A blood clot in the brain can result from a Wisconsin car accidentA brain hematoma occurs when a blood vessel is damaged and blood clots outside of the blood vessel. Bleeding in the brain can result in significant injuries or death, and may occur after a traumatic experience such as a car accident.

Three Types of Brain Hematomas

There are three types of brain hematomas that may occur after an automobile accident. Specifically, if you have been hurt in a car crash, then you may be at risk of suffering a:

  • Subdural hematoma: This type of hematoma occurs when a blood vessel ruptures between your brain and the outer membranes of your brain known as the dura. The pressure of the clotting blood on your brain can be fatal.
  • Epidural hematoma: This type of hematoma occurs when there is bleeding outside of a blood vessel between the dura and the skull. The blood can clot into a mass that puts pressure on the brain. If the blood vessel involved is an artery, then the condition can be fatal.
  • Intracerebral hematoma: This type of hematoma, also known as intraparenchymal hematoma, occurs when the blood clots within the brain tissue. This can result in the brain’s white matter—or axons—shearing, which disrupts messages from the brain to the other parts of the body. Serious brain damage can result from this type of hematoma.

A car accident victim may suffer one or more of these types of hematomas and may suffer multiple hematomas of the same type, making recovery difficult.

Sometimes, there are no visible wounds to the head when a blood clot or hematoma occurs. Accordingly, if you lose consciousness, if you are confused, if you have difficulty with speech, understanding, regulating your emotions, walking, writing, or other gross or fine motor tasks, then you should seek immediate medical attention.

What the Future Looks Like After a Blood Clot or Brain Hematoma

Life is different for anyone who has suffered a hematoma because, as with other brain injuries, the recovery period is unique for each patient. Car accident victims who suffer hematomas may require:

  • Brain surgery.
  • Regular CT scans for brain monitoring.
  • Medications.
  • Ongoing doctors’ appointments.
  • Rehabilitation therapies such as counseling, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

And, unfortunately, some victims will not survive their injuries.

How to Protect Your Loved One Who Has a Blood Clot or Hematoma in the Brain

If your loved one has suffered any kind of hematoma after a car crash then it is important to help your loved one get the medical care that she needs and to protect her legal rights. Someone else may be responsible for paying for her past, current, and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, pain, suffering, and other damages. This kind of recovery may allow your loved one to get the medical care that she needs and allow her to concentrate on her physical recovery without financial worry.

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