Local television stations have recently begun airing Hupy and Abraham's “Yield to Pedestrians” Public Service Announcements.  The firm has received many phone calls of thanks for putting out the impactful message about increasing pedestrian awareness. 

The message is timely.  Just a few weeks ago, there was another tragic pedestrian fatality that occurred near Water and Wells, in downtown Milwaukee -- an inattentive driver struck two women while walking in a marked crosswalk. 

The PSA was created within a four-block radius of this fatal accident.

In another instance, the firm received a grateful phone call from a daughter, regarding her mother, a mother of nine, aged 73, who never drove a car in her life – yet another victim of a fatal pedestrian accident.  In this phone call, Diane Du De Voire thanked Hupy and Abraham:  “I am very grateful that your company is putting the word out about pedestrian accidents.  My mom was hit by a bus many years ago in Oconomowoc and she died.  We did sue, so this is not for a new case, I just really appreciate the commercial you have on television right now.” 

She went on to say “You are the first law firm that has put this message out there.  People need to be more aware.  That’s what good law firms are for.”

Attorney Michael Hupy was responsible for the development of this potentially life-saving PSA. He holds this community awareness project close to his heart and hopes that everyone in Wisconsin will listen to his message, “Save a life! Yield the right of way to pedestrians at all corners and crosswalks. It is the law.” 

It’s apparent the tremendous impact the Hupy and Abraham, “Yield to Pedestrians” PSAs have on the community around us.  The law firm also created a “YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS” bumper sticker that is mailed to those who request it through the firm’s website, hupy.com, as well as handed out at events.  This free bumper sticker was also produced, at the cost of the firm, to help prevent serious accidents in Wisconsin.  Nearly 10,000 stickers have been distributed in the past six months. 

Hupy and Abraham has worked tirelessly to help prevent innocent pedestrians from being struck by vehicles while legally crossing streets.