Most people are aware that texting and driving is a dangerous activity. But, texting and walking is fast becoming another serious safety issue.

All of us are tempted to check our smart phones and keep in constant communication with our friends and family. Even when we’re walking, we still want to stay in touch with each other whether we’re sharing our weekend plans or checking to see how a loved one is doing. People are so focused on texting that they’re not aware of traffic lights, cars, obstacles or other people around us.

Videos are posted on the Internet showing humorous incidents of people texting and walking. A woman texting and falling into a fountain may garner a chuckle because she was just dripping wet, but how funny would it have been if something more serious happened?

Studies Prove Texting and Walking Is Not Safe

A study at the University of Washington in Seattle analyzed pedestrian activity while crossing the street. Out of 1,000 people observed crossing at 20 busy intersections, only one in four obeyed all safety rules. Texting and walking was determined to be the most risky behavior.

Doctors say our brains have to work hard while walking safely, especially near traffic areas. And, you know how hard your brain is working when you send a text. Is the number correct? Are the facts right? Am I hitting the right send button?

Laws Against Texting and Walking are Being Passed

Some states like Nevada and New Jersey are working on laws that would ban texting and walking. If caught, penalties would include a written warning for a first offense, $200 for a second offense, and $300 for a third offense.

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