Tailgating Safety


Hupy and Abraham wants to ensure everyone can enjoy the baseball season safely this year.


Pay attention while driving in the parking lot. Whether it's finding a spot or leaving, there are many pedestrians and other cars. Drive slowly and with caution. While leaving, traffic will be heavy, take turns merging and keep your eyes on the road.


 Use caution when cooking, especially on a grill. When lighting your grill, clear the area around it. You don’t want anything flammable near it. Make sure the grill is turned off and all food is put away before you go into the stadium.


Don’t drink and drive. Before you arrive at the tailgate, designate someone to be the sober driver after the game. Hold yourself accountable and keep an eye on your friends to make sure everyone is safe and cautious.


Injured in an Accident?

The law firm of Hupy and Abraham hopes you and your loved ones can enjoy the baseball season safely. For more information and additional resources, visit our website and our Facebook page.


In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured this baseball season, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800-800-5678 or start a live chat with us anytime at Hupy.com.

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