A majority of the public recognizes that posting illegal or inappropriate things on social media can affect their chances of receiving a job offer, being accepted at a school and more.

Governor Scott Walker passed the Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act to help protect citizens from large entities. The act protects individuals from invasive searches for private social media content by employers and educational institutions. Other states have similar pieces of legislation in place. However, Wisconsin is unique in that these limitations also include landlords.  

How does this affect those in Wisconsin?

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Be careful of what you post on social media.

In Wisconsin, rights have been granted so individuals can reject friend requests from those that may use profile details against them. Your profile may reveal information that could lead to discrimination —such as race, gender, age and religion or political affiliation. No one can be forced to grant access to personal accounts. The act also protects those entities from receiving information that could bypass security to a personal account.

This is such an important issue that the State Bar of Wisconsin is holding multiple webinars in the legal community to explain the topics stated above. Always be mindful of what you post and share on social media. Click here to view a video on how social media can affect the outcome of your personal injury case.

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