Thanksgiving is a special time to enjoy family, to enjoy the harvest, and to help those who are in need of Thanksgiving meals. Hupy and Abraham has a proud tradition of supporting Second Harvest, and helping to provide holiday meals for others.

Here’s Some of The Work We’ve Done

Here is just a sampling of the work we did in the late 1990s and early 2000s:

  • In 1998, we worked with Second Harvest to provide 600 meals for Thanksgiving. In addition, we worked with Second Harvest and a church organization to provide meals to 200 additional families at Easter and 200 more families at Christmas. At its annual dinner in 1998, Second Harvest gave our law firm the 1998 Hunger’s Hope Award for our contribution to alleviating hunger.

  • In 2002, Green Bay Packer defensive star, Darren Sharper, and our law firm helped feed 300 needy people at the Mary Ryan Boys and Girls Club on Thanksgiving Day and another 300 needy people at homeless shelters. At a press conference before Thanksgiving, Attorney Hupy commended Sharper for his contribution to the people of Milwaukee. Although Sharper is from Virginia and plays for Green Bay, he took it upon himself to do something positive for the people of Milwaukee by working with our law firm to help Second Harvest provide Thanksgiving meals.

  • In 2002, Mr. Sharper announced that he would help Second Harvest of Wisconsin fund its statewide children’s initiative by endorsing its Children’s Endowment Fund. Michael F. Hupy & Associates, backed Mr. Sharper’s endorsement by pledging $5,000.00 as the Fund’s founding gift. In 2003, the Children’s Endowment Fund raised more than $55,000.00. Attorney Hupy has publicly commended Darren Sharper for his efforts on behalf of residents throughout Wisconsin.

  • In 2003, Darren Sharper again joined Hupy and Abraham in providing a Kids’ Café Thanksgiving dinner for approximately 300 children in need. The dinner, held at the YMCA Northside on Monday, November 24, 2003, was attended by Attorneys Michael F. Hupy and Jason Abraham of our law firm. Darren Sharper brought along his Green Bay Packer teammate Marques Anderson. Mr. Sharper has participated in these dinners since 1999.
  • By 2009, Hupy and Abraham had donated about $100,000 to people in need around holiday time over a ten year period. In 2009, our firm was proud to donate $6000 in meals for Thanksgiving, and another $6000 for Christmas meals.  The $12,000 donated will feed over 2,500 residents in the cities where we practice this holiday season. 

  • In 2011, Hupy and Abraham was recognized by the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin for their holiday gift donation.  The monetary donation was used to purchase holiday meals for people in need in Southwestern Wisconsin. Donations by organizations such as Hupy and Abraham, enable Second Harvest to provide more food and assistance to 315 partner agencies in 16 Wisconsin counties, to grow their Field and Foodbank Program to get more food out of the fields and onto families' tables, to provide kids snacks, meals and nutrition education during out of school times through the BackPack and Kids Care Programs, and to run other important programs.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars every year to see that our clients and friends get “one more” Christmas card, we have instead donated this money to annually pay for up to two hundred gift baskets to provide meals for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do not want anyone to think that we forgot them at Christmas, but we know most of our friends would rather have us donate to these worthy causes. Working through Wisconsin’s Second Harvest of America and the talent for Christ Radio program, we have provided thousands of meals over the last several years.

If you would like to contribute to Second Harvest, their address in 1700 West Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205-1299.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have helped in the past.

And Our Mission Continues

Part of our firm’s mission is to “…to do well by doing good; to give back to the community; and to promote and sponsor scholarship, educational and safety programs”. It is a mission we are committed to and that we will continue to fulfill in years to come.