Hupy and Abraham employees at SHARP Literacy event

Hupy and Abraham sponsored SHARP Literacy’s fourth annual “Unwrapped” fundraising event on May 16, 2019. SHARP Literacy enables children to identify themselves as capable scholars, which gives them the motivation to stay in school. To date, SHARP Literacy has helped more than 80,000 children improve their reading and writing skills through the numerous projects it runs.

Local chefs were given the task to recreate dishes based on the “we love to learn” books, using ingredients derived from McDonald’s products. The event garnered a record number of attendees, surpassing 280 guests. Those in attendance were able to taste the literary-inspired concoctions, and bid on a silent auction whose proceeds will go directly toward SHARP’s programming.

During a brief ceremony, each chef was given the opportunity to explain their dish and what inspired it. Lynda Kohler, President and CEO of SHARP Literacy, presented some community allies with awards. Bob Sheehan accepted the “Partner of the Year” award on behalf of The Coca-Cola Co.

Hupy and Abraham has been a longtime supporter of SHARP Literacy. The firm has sponsored the annual “A Novel Event” fundraiser for several years.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham