safe driving zone was started by parents Tim & Kim Desotell when their teenage daughter began driving for the first time at the age of 16. It was very frightening to see her drive away, as many other parents can relate. When these teenage drivers leave for the first time, parents have no control over their new teenage driver.

Some Basic Statistics:

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths
  • 11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving
  • 905 injuries occur every day as a result of texting while driving
  • 8 teens die every day as a result of drunk driving
  • 517 emergency room visits occur every day for underage drinking-related injuries

Safe Driving Zone was created to develop systems, ideas and products to keep teenage drivers safe. The products promote, encourage and help parents to feel more confident about their driver. It comes down to the parents to follow through and use these tools to keep their teenager from the dangers of the road.

The company joins other community organizations such as personal injury law firm Hupy and Abraham, S.C. in bringing awareness to being a safe driver.

Some of Safe Driving Zone’s safety products include:

  • GPS-in-Car Tracking System -- rates teenagers driving when on the road.
  • In-Car Dual Camera -- keeps an eye on what's going on in and outside the car.
  • At-Home Drug & Alcohol Testers – prevent teenagers from drinking or using drugs knowing they could get tested when they return home, in the privacy of their home.
  • Student Driver Vehicle Magnets -- used by parents when teaching teenagers to drive -- just like the driver’s education school magnets.
  • Report-a-Driver Magnetic Vehicle Signs & Stickers – stop teenagers from making bad decisions knowing they are being watched and could be reported.

All of these products are high quality, affordable and designed to create awareness, as well as a safety zone around your child.

Safe Driving Zone's mission is to reduce teenage driving deaths by 50 percent. The company slogan is Watched Drivers are Safe Drivers. And with the help of law firms such as Hupy and Abraham, S.C. spreading the word, increased community awareness and parent participation, the company is well on its way to reducing teenage driver deaths.

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