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Every truck accident case is unique. The specific defendant or defendants in your case depend on what caused your accident. It is important to identify the right defendants so that the right parties are held accountable for their negligence and so that the court does not dismiss your case. Our experienced lawyers can help you identify the parties responsible for your injuries and fight for your fair and just recovery.

Who Caused Your Truck Crash Injuries?

Your truck accident lawyer will look at all of the available evidence and consider whether one or more of the following parties has any legal liability for your injuries:

  • The trucker.
  • The truck’s owner.
  • The company that leased the truck.
  • The maker of the truck or its parts.
  • The owner of the truck’s cargo.
  • The company that loaded the cargo on to the truck.
  • The people who maintain or fix the truck.

The negligence of any of these parties could result in a crash that causes you significant injuries.

How to Hold the Right Parties Accountable

Depending on the unique circumstances of your accident, you may have a claim against more than one party. This can make truck accident cases complicated. The percentage of fault among each of the at-fault parties could be bitterly contested as each party tries to limit its financial liability.

Your truck accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident and advocate for your full and fair recovery from all liable parties. Then, your lawyer will negotiate with the relevant insurance companies and protect your rights in court.

You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence, but in order to avoid those expenses you will have to identify who was at fault. For help getting the recovery that you deserve, please schedule a free consultation with us at your convenience. We will go over how a truck accident case works and the steps that we can take to protect your rights and your recovery.

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