One of the most exciting times for a family—children and even adults—is going to pick out a puppy for the first time. There is so much joy in the thought of adding another member to the family. Families come together and do their research and discussions to decide on the breed in the hopes of finding the perfect fit.

It is important for a soon-to-be new dog owner to know how to find the puppy that will best fit into the family. Many dogs are quickly picked only to later on become a problem. This is often the cause for dog bites in Wisconsin.

When going to pick a new puppy, these are a few things that should be kept in mind:

  • Look around. When arriving to the location of the possible puppy to be adopted, take time to check out the kennel or home. Note how clean it is, how smelly it is, and how the other dogs look.
  • Watch the puppy. When trying to decide which puppy to pick, be patient, sit back and watch the puppies interact. Watch and see how each puppy play with the others.
  • Play with the puppy. Time to have some fun with the pups. Get down and interact with the puppies. See how well they play with each family member. Be wary of a puppy that is too standoffish or overaggressive.
  • Hold the puppy. Take the time to hold the puppies that the family is interested in. Take note of how each puppy reacts to being held. If the puppy is annoyed and wants to be let down immediately, it may not be a good fit.

A dog can either be an extremely good pet or become a nuisance. Dogs that become a nuisance and ignored by the family can develop behavioral problems, and they more likely to bite. If you have been a victim of one of a dog attack, you need the assistance of a Wisconsin dog bite attorney at Hupy and Abraham. Call 800-800-5678 today for a free case evaluation.