Nursing home abuse and neglect does not always happen in care facilities. Some of the worst abuse cases result from poor supervision by in-home caregivers. Neglect from at-home caregivers occurs far more regularly than the public believes. The story of a homeless woman in California who was put in charge of her elderly mother illustrates this perfectly.

Someone in a wheelchair with focus on their hand and the wheel
Most neglect cases are a result of long-term abuse.

Linda Maureen Raye became the sole caretaker of her mother, Yolanda Farrell, in 2010. As the sole caretaker for Farrell, Raye only took her mother to the doctor once in two years. Despite this, Raye’s role was made official in 2012. Thereafter, Raye completely disregarded a nurse’s instructions for her mother’s care. By the end of 2012, Farrell passed away because of septic shock due to bed sore infections.

An investigator on the case stated that Farrell was essentially neglected to death. Raye pled guilty to elder abuse and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Raye’s treatment of her mother is just one example of elder abuse and neglect.

Although Farrell’s case took place in California, the numbers of elderly and disabled patients that receive care in their homes has been steadily growing across the United States. The problem with situations like Farrell’s is that caregivers in charge of vulnerable patients are receiving money from the state, but could be severely undertrained. Undertrained caretakers put thousands at risk for abuse and neglect.  The most severe abuse cases take place over time, with a consistently neglected patient.

If you choose to have a caretaker watch over loved ones, check that they are properly trained. For assistance on how to complete this type of research, contact a nursing home abuse attorney at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. today.