Young children may be at risk due to negligent security at school

The State of Illinois claims that “Safety in our schools and on our college campuses is a right every student and family should expect.” State law requires all schools in the state to conduct safety drills for things such as fires, bomb threats, shooters, severe weather and other threats. Unfortunately, schools remain one place where negligent security incidents happen.

Not All Schools Have the Same Safety Plan and Precautions

Each school in the state may be required to conduct safety drills, but those drills and safety plans do not need to be the same. It is, for example, very different to do a lock-down drill or evacuation drill in a large urban Chicago high school than it is to do the same in a small preschool in rural Illinois.

While the specific procedures may be different, each school is required to have reasonable security precautions in place to prevent an attack or injury to a student, employee, or visitor. If you have any questions about the school where you work or where your child attends, then you should talk to the building principal about the procedures that are in place.

You Need to Take Action If You or Your Child Were Hurt Because of Negligent Security

And you need to take action quickly—especially if you or your child were hurt in a public school. The time for filing a negligent security claim is limited and may be even shorter than it usually is if you or your child were hurt in a public (government-run) school. Thus, if you or your child were injured in an attack or because of negligent security, then you should contact a negligent security lawyer to discuss your rights. Do not speak with school officials, school board lawyers, or insurance companies. Instead, get the medical care you need and legal help you deserve to make a full and fair recovery.

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