National Teen Driver Safety Week

It’s an exciting milestone as a teenager is finally able to drive. However, automobile accidents are the leading cause of teenage death. This year, National Teen Driver Safety Week falls October 15 to October 21. This week is used to raise awareness of the risks of the road and seek solutions to prevent accidents.


Hupy and Abraham wants to ensure that your teenager is safe on the road. Here are some rules of the road for parents to address with their teens.  


Always wear a seatbelt. Seatbelts reduce death and injuries by 50%. Remind your teenager that it doesn’t matter how far they are driving or who’s driving. Anytime they are in a car, they should buckle up.


Don’t text and drive. Encourage your teen to silence their phone and put it away while driving. As a parent, set a good example and make sure your phone is put away as well while driving. Emphasize the importance of this rule and the consequences that come with not following it.  


Remind them to watch their speed. Speed limits are set for a reason. Teach them about keeping a car length distance to ensure they have time to stop and respond to other cars in time to prevent accidents.


Hupy and Abraham is committed to preventing teen automobile accidents. To help remind your teen driver and others to be safe behind the wheel by not texting and driving, get them a free “DNT TXT N DRV” bumper sticker here.



The law firm of Hupy and Abraham hopes you and your loved ones stay safe. For more information and additional resources, visit our website and our Facebook page.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800-800-5678 or start a live chat with us anytime at

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