national insurance awareness day


Though the exact origins of this day remain a mystery, its importance is undeniable. Insurance plays a vital role in many areas of our lives, from auto to homeowner’s insurance. These policies offer a safety net, protecting us from the full brunt of unforeseen events.


Ways to Observe National Awareness Day


1. Reach Out: Contact your insurance representative to learn about current deals, services or fixed rates, and to discuss any changes in your premiums.

2. Compare Rates: Some proactive insurance companies will provide information on competitors’ rates while pitching their policies. This strategy can help you find the best value without extensive research.

3. Reduce Your Rates Proactively: Engaging in activities such as taking a defensive driving course online, working out regularly or installing a home security system can result in discounts on your various insurance policies.


Not every insurance company is the same. Making an informed decision about insurance involves more than just looking at the immediate cost of a policy. Understanding the potential costs of an accident, both financially and personally, is crucial. In Wisconsin, as in most places, there are legal requirements for insurance coverage, but it's equally important to ensure that the coverage you choose offers sufficient protection for you and your family.   For more information, request our FREE Brochure – Understanding Auto Insurance.  


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