A motorcyclist rides their vintage bike on the road.

Across the United States, tens of thousands of motorcycle crashes happen annually, resulting in thousands of injuries and fatalities for motorcyclists. How can you stay safe on the road and avoid becoming a statistic? 

1. Stay Visible to Others While Riding 

As a motorcyclist, you're significantly less visible on the road compared to other vehicles since your bike is much smaller. Wearing high-visibility gear and always keeping your headlights on are crucial steps to ensure other drivers are aware of your presence, minimizing the risk of collisions. 

2. Ride Defensively 

Even the most skilled rider can't guarantee complete safety due to unpredictable factors like distracted, drowsy or intoxicated drivers. Always remain vigilant and aware of surrounding vehicles. If you find yourself in a car's blind spot, safely maneuver out of that area as soon as possible. Intersections pose dangers for motorcyclists, so observe other drivers cautiously and proceed through them with care. Remain cautious when making turns as well. Always assume other vehicles cannot see you and that will lead to a safer ride. 

3. Advocate for Motorcycle Safety and Rights 

Joining and supporting organizations like your state’s local ABATE chapter or the national Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), which both work tirelessly throughout the year to advocate for riders' rights, can help the cause of keeping riders safe. These organizations raise awareness for motorcycles and ensure rider voices are heard in local and national government settings. 

4. Promote Awareness 

Get the word out to others that they need to “Watch for Motorcycles.” At Hupy and Abraham, we champion rider awareness initiatives. The firm’s "Watch for Motorcycles" message appears on TV, radio, billboards and stickers, and is promoted at events nationwide. The firm further supports organizations like ABATE and the MRF to help rider voices be heard, as well as organizations like Road Guardians/Accident Scene Management, which helps riders provide life-saving medical care in the event of an accident.  

5. Get the Proper Legal Help if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident 

While we hope to prevent motorcycle accidents by doing everything right, they can still occur. If you've been injured in a crash, contact Hupy and Abraham immediately. With decades of experience helping motorcycle riders, the firm has recovered over $1 billion for injured clients. Call Hupy and Abraham today at 800-800-5678 or visit HUPY.COM to get the compensation you deserve for your motorcycle accident.  

Hopefully, by promoting rider awareness and practicing safe riding habits, the number of fatalities and injuries to motorcyclists will decrease in 2024. 

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