How to avoid door dings in parking lots.


Whether you're driving to the gym, work or a restaurant, you more than likely will have to park your vehicle next to another in a parking lot. Doing so will always involve the risk of finding a fresh ding in your vehicle. For the most part, avoiding a ding is equivalent to dodging raindrops during a storm. It's almost impossible to avoid. All it takes is one individual to swing their car door open carelessly, and now you have a fresh ding in your vehicle. However, it's not all doom and gloom for your car. While it may be impossible to avoid the risk of dings altogether, there are ways to minimize the chances of it happening. Below are ways to help assess your surroundings. 


Park farther away: This is by far the best way to avoid the possibility of someone hitting your vehicle. For good reasons, most people try to park as close as possible to the entrance of their destination. However, if you don't mind the slight inconvenience and the extra peace of mind, parking farther away is your best option. 


Doors: Being mindful of your door length and the vehicle's door length next to you can help determine if parking in that specific spot is a good option. Asking yourself questions such as, "Do I have enough room?", "Can I fully extend my doors comfortably?", "Can the other vehicle's doors reach my car if opened?" can help with the decision-making process. 


Covered Parking: Most individuals only think of other pedestrians putting a ding on their cars, until a piece of hail the size of a golf ball goes through their windshields. Environmental hazards can also cause significant damage to your vehicle. If the opportunity presents itself, consider parking in an area such as a parking garage or any other area that provides cover. 


Child seats: If you notice that the car next to you has a booster seat in the back, you may want to reconsider parking in that location. Parents usually need to extend their car door fully in order to strap their child into a child seat. If there isn't enough room to do so, then you run a higher risk of a ding appearing on your vehicle. 


Improper Parking: We've all seen a vehicle or two that didn't do the best parking job and makes it difficult for you to park. The more safe and practical option would be to find another parking spot. However, if you want to risk parking next to the car that parked improperly, you'll have to assess the best way to do so. Keep in mind that you're running the risk of a ding in your car due to the close proximity. Not to mention if the vehicle leaves before you, you'll look like the one who can't park. 


While door dents and dings may be inevitable to avoid, these tips can help lower the chances of them happening. If one does occur, there are ways to remove dents or scratches. Taking your car to auto shops or getting the supplies necessary to do it yourself are viable options, as well.



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