Injured in a Wisconsin multi-vehicle crash? Don’t get blamed for someone else’s mistake!

The light turns red. You stop. The driver in front of you stops. The car behind you also stops. But the car behind that one doesn’t. The driver was on the phone and he didn’t notice the light. You are waiting for the light to change when you feel an impact from behind. You’ve been pushed into the car in front of you.

You naturally assume that the distracted driver is at fault. He’s the one who was on the phone and didn’t stop. Then your insurance company gets a claim. The driver in front of you claims that the accident was your fault because you stopped too close.

It seems like liability should be clear, but everyone is pointing a finger at someone else. You have medical bills and car repairs. You don’t want to pay for an accident that isn’t your fault. Whose insurance company do you call?

Here’s another scenario:

You are driving when a child begins to step into the road. You slam on your brakes—just as the child’s mother pulls him away. You start to go, and the driver behind you hits your car. Another car crashes into his.

The second driver says you crashed because he didn’t have time to react your sudden stop. You feel he was following too closely. Who’s right?

When everyone claims someone else is to blame, it is important to have an Appleton accident attorney investigate your claim. He’ll look at police reports, and interview the drivers and witnesses in order to determine what happened. He will determine who is to blame.

In many Wisconsin multiple vehicle accidents, liability is shared. You did the right thing when you stopped for the child in the road. But both of the drivers behind you were following too closely. Your Appleton car crash lawyer will determine how much of the liability belongs to each driver. He will file your insurance claims accordingly. If necessary, your lawyer will take your claim to court. His job is to protect your claim, so you get all the compensation you deserve.

Multiple vehicle accidents are complicated, but you should not take the blame for an accident that you didn’t cause. Don’t put up with insurance run-around. Call (800) 800-5678 to schedule a free consultation with the Appleton accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham.

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