Hupy and Abraham Vice President Jason Abraham visited Audubon High School to speak with students after they completed their ACT exam. Attorney Abraham was a part of the school’s program to give students the opportunity to speak with members of the community about various occupations.

Jason Abraham speaking in front of a classroom of students
 Jason Abraham told the high school students to always think before posting on social media.

Attorney Abraham spoke about his experiences as a personal injury attorney and went over past cases, including the Mt. Olympus roller coaster case.  He emphasized the importance of video evidence during the investigation process, by showing how Hupy and Abraham employees can illustrate the danger that clients have undergone.  

In a video presented to the class, investigators conducted a viability test for the roller coaster’s lap belts. Several bags of sand that represented people were strapped into each roller coaster compartment before the ride was activated. During the run, sandbags fell out of the broken compartment and exploded on the ground, demonstrating the brain damage Hupy and Abraham’s client experienced in that particular case.

Also, Attorney Abraham reminded the students to be mindful of what they post on social media, and how that content can relate to a case if they are injured. He ended his time with the students with a question-and-answer session.  All students received Hupy and Abraham T-shirts and bumper stickers reminding them not to text and drive. To get your own FREE ‘DNT TXT N DRV” sticker, please click here.

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