Insurance Professional Recognizes Value of Hiring Hupy and Abraham

Let’s face it.   Insurance companies and law firms go head to head every day.   The primary motivation of an insurance company is to save money by skimping on payouts, even on legitimate claims, whereas experienced law firms, like Hupy and Abraham, battle with insurance companies to obtain the maximum compensation clients are entitled. 

Despite the ostensible conflict of interest, insurance professional Jim Moeckler went on to praise the personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham for “doing an excellent job for their clients in getting them what they deserve.” 

Review Your Insurance Coverage

Contrary to popular belief, simply “having” insurance isn’t enough. Just because you “have” it, doesn’t mean that you will be sufficiently covered if and when disaster strikes.

Jim Moeckler, who has decades of experience, implores, “Get your liability policies out and take a good look at them. If you don’t understand what you have, ask for an explanation. Ask for information on how to obtain the top liability limits… For added protection, I recommend you secure a million dollar or higher Umbrella Liability Policy.”

An Umbrella Liability Policy is a policy that would take effect after you’ve exceeded the limits of your underlying coverage. For example, if you have $500,000 in underlying coverage but ended up liable for $1,200,000, the Umbrella Liability Policy would cover the $700,000 difference.

In the event of a catastrophic accident, having an Umbrella Liability Policy might be the difference between being able to just move on and having your wages garnished indefinitely. Since the Umbrella Liability Policy protects your future earnings and covers legal fees, it offers an added level of protection and security.

To put it all in perspective, Moeckler poses the following question: “If you were badly injured by a person who had little or no insurance, would you and your family be able to live in the same lifestyle you are accustomed to?” For many people, the reality is they are leaving themselves very vulnerable in such circumstances.

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Hire the Firm with Decades of Experience

It all comes down to experience. Insurance companies deals with accident victims every day. The company knows all the likely responses and is prepared for each of them. Most accident victims have very little experience battling with insurance companies.  You need an experienced team on your side to help you obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Hupy and Abraham has a reputation of obtaining ample compensation for its clients even when insurance companies try to leave them out to dry.

If you or someone you know are ever hurt in an accident, call Hupy and Abraham at 800.800.5678. Hire the personal injury law firm with decades of experience satisfying thousands of clients and recovering $100s of millions for them. 

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