The insurance company slogans are memorable: "You are in good hands." "Like a good neighbor." Anyone who regularly reads a popular magazine or watches primetime television knows these slogans belong to Allstate Insurance and State Farm Insurance.  These two companies are singled out in the above CNN report for intentionally denying claims, delaying the payment of claims, and vigorously defending legitimate claims in court to discourage accident victims from filing claims.

Every year, insurance companies spend millions of dollars advertising that they are "good neighbors" and those who are injured and make a claim are in "good hands." If you have filed a claim against one of these companies, you likely know the truth: the pain of your injuries was just the start. Oftentimes, the stress, anxiety and frustration of dealing with companies such as Allstate and State Farm can be as painful as your injuries from the accident.

Fortunately, the lawyers of Hupy and Abraham are here to help you take on these companies. We have a long track record of aggressively pursuing cases against Allstate, State Farm and dozens of other insurance companies. There are some personal injury attorneys that don't try cases, simply pushing their clients to accept the insurance company's best offer. Our lawyers show the insurance companies that we mean business by successfully trying cases on behalf of our clients.

Hupy and Abraham Have Experience
Facing State Farm and Allstate Insurance

We recently tried a case against State Farm Insurance where they denied a claim for our elderly client who slipped on ice and fell outside her apartment. Throughout her case, State Farm denied the claim and refused to accept responsibility or compensate for her broken bones. The apartment maintenance manager even testified that our client complained about the ice outside her apartment the day before she fell, to which they responded by putting a 50-pound bag of salt outside her door, but their denial continued. A Milwaukee County jury returned a verdict for our client of about $135,000.00, which was 135,000 times more than State Farm Insurance offered as her "good neighbor."  

In another case, our client filed a claim against Allstate Insurance for minor injuries sustained in a car accident. Instead of fairly evaluating her claim, Allstate low-balled her.  Several months later, a Court Commissioner awarded our client several thousand dollars for her injuries.  Instead of accepting the decision of the Commissioner, Allstate appealed and offered our client $1,000.  After a jury trial several months later, a Milwaukee County jury returned a verdict for $5,000.00. In addition to the expenses Allstate incurred by delaying and defending the claim, the ultimate recovery by our client was about $8,000.00

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We Go the Extra Mile to Assist Clients

These are just two examples of how Hupy and Abraham goes the extra mile for our clients.

If you have a personal injury claim and are frustrated by insurance company tactics such as those in the CNN report, please contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation toll-free (800) 800-5678 or using our online contact form.