tips for a safe and happy july fourth

July Fourth is the beloved American holiday that kicks off our big summer celebrations. But on such a busy day, the danger of injury to you and your loved ones increases significantly. Each Fourth of July, people of all ages are injured by fireworks, grills and other common holiday items.

To ensure a smooth and safe day, our Milwaukee attorneys would like everyone to keep the following five safety tips in mind.

Handle fireworks with caution.

Simple tasks can go a long way in preventing injury. Provide users with eye and hand protection. Always hold fireworks at arm’s length, and never attempt to relight a “dud.”

Use legal fireworks only.

Many firework-related injuries are caused by products that are not intended for general consumers. Unsafe fireworks are usually wrapped in brown paper, an indication that the product is intended for use in a professional display only. Remember to check whether it is illegal to discharge fireworks or to have fireworks in your possession in your city.

Supervise children, especially with sparklers.

Young children should never be permitted to handle actual fireworks. Many parents are unaware that sparklers burn at over 1200 degrees, and are the leading cause of harm to children under age 5 during the July Fourth holiday.

Keep hoses and buckets of water nearby.

Fireworks and grills are a common cause of outdoor fires and burns during July Fourth. Always supervise their use and remember to soak spent fireworks before disposing to avoid trash fires.

Avoid alcohol.

Holidays and alcohol do not mix well. During July Fourth, alcohol hazards increase because most of the celebrating occurs outside on warm summer days. Be aware of drunk drivers, including boat operators when celebrating. Never, under any circumstances, should anyone ignite fireworks while under the influence of alcohol.

Have you been injured in an accident this holiday?

Everyone at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. hopes you and your loved ones have a happy, fun and safe Fourth of July. But, if for any reason, you experience a Wisconsin accident this holiday weekend caused by a faulty product or another party, please contact the personal injury lawyers of Hupy and Abraham. Call us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation at 414-223-4800 or start a live chat 24/7 at

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