In Wisconsin, the moderate summer heat frequently sends children and adults alike in search of personal and public swimming pools to cool off in. Unfortunately, the combination of slippery surfaces and deep water can often lead to serious injuries.

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According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 60 percent of near-drowning injury victims are children. In most cases, the child is only out of sight for less than five minutes. One-fifth of children injured in swimming pool accidents sustain permanent brain injury, for which the lifelong cost of treating can range from $75,000 to over $4 million.

The personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have compiled this list of swimming pool safety tips to help keep you and your family safe while you enjoy the water this summer.

  • Install a fence around all pools and utilize a pool alarm. Swimming pools should be covered when they are not in use.
  • Know the signs of drowning. When a person is drowning, their mouth sinks below the surface of the water and does not have enough time to exhale, inhale or call for help.
  • Never swim alone. Adults and children should have a swimming buddy that will watch for signs of distress.
  • Remind children not to run near swimming pools, and provide life jackets to those who are not strong swimmers.
  • Assign at least one adult to watch the children when swimming with children. The adult should avoid distractions such as reading a book or using a cellphone while the children are in the water.
  • Avoid combining alcohol or drugs with swimming.

Remember, while you have the responsibility of avoiding unnecessary risks, the pool’s owners are equally responsible for ensuring that they have done their best to make sure the pool is a safe environment for everyone.

If you have lost a loved one to a swimming pool accident, there is no way to erase this loss. However, a wrongful death lawsuit can help you get accountability. If your child was injured in a swimming pool accident, a lawsuit can help you get compensation for the child’s ongoing medical care and disability. If you have any questions, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678, for a free confidential, no-obligation consultation today.
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