Dear Hupy and Abraham:

Thank you for being part of the Timber-lee Family. Your participation and support of our "16th Annual Golf Outing" on July 19th helped raise just over $50,000 for "Urban Camp", the Science Education Center, and our Scholarship Fund.

Last year over 260 children attended "Urban Camp" and had the opportunity to experience the wide variety of fun and meaningful activities that make up the Timber-lee Experience. These youth often come from challenging environments and situations and this program gives them exposure to life-changing opportunities that build confidence, character and often result in a faith commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior. These life-changing activities include swimming, challenge and ropes courses, horseback riding, canoeing, archery, youth speakers, cabin mentors and many more.

We hope you enjoyed your day at the Grand Geneva, and will consider joining us next year for our "17th Annual Golf Outing." Watch for more information coming later this year.

Thank you again for being part of our Timber-lee Family. We appreciate you!


Mike McCorkle
Timber-lee Ministries

Jason F. Abraham
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