Hupy and Abraham has a long and proud history of supporting a wide variety of charities and causes. Below is a sampling of our charitable contributions for the first half of 2012.

Hupy and Abraham Supports the 25th Season of First Stage
Hupy and Abraham made a donation to First Stage in support of their 25th Anniversary season.  Hupy and Abraham supports First Stage’s mission of transforming lives though theater by creating exceptional theater experiences for young people and families. 

The theater prides itself for putting on productions for schools and day care programs to come and watch for their field trips. Theater classes are also offered. In order to be admitted, children must go through an audition process. Each child that is admitted will be a part of a play put on by the production teaching staff at the theater.

Hupy and Abraham believes that programs for children are key to helping them develop into responsible adults.  The law firm will continue to sponsor positive programs for children throughout the Milwaukee area.

Hupy and Abraham Donates to PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc.

Hupy and Abraham recently received a letter on behalf of the board, staff, and PEARLS girls, for their donation. 

PEARLS for Teen Girls, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative non-profit leadership development organization serving at-risk, primarily African American and Latina girls, ages 10 to 19 in Milwaukee. PEARLS helps girls achieve in school, avoid teen pregnancy, and use their personal power to achieve their goals and dreams. PEARLS, just like Hupy and Abraham, believes that every girl is precious with unique gifts and strengths.

Hupy and Abraham Donates to Timber-Lee

Hupy and Abraham was recognized for their recent donation to Timber-lee. The core of Timber-lee is to create engaging communities where each young person enjoys a dynamic camp experience.

Camp Timber-lee serves youth campers, school students, and retreat guests year round providing them with opportunities for a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities, learning experiences, and discovery.  Timber-lee also offers exciting adventure trip and service trip opportunities across the Midwest and beyond. Hupy and Abraham is proud to support Camp Timber-lee.

Hupy and Abraham Supports Anti-Violence Rally

The law firm of Hupy and Abraham supported an anti-violence rally held on March 9th, 2012 by Voice of the Fatherless Child Director Monte Mabra.  The rally was held at Washington DuBois Christian Leadership Academy located at 5226 West Hampton   Avenue, Milwaukee.  The school serves over 180 students in pre-K through 6th grade. 

The anti-violence rally was held in response to the ongoing bullying and violence issues in Milwaukee.   The program included a discussion about bullying as well as anti-violence skit directed by Mabra.  The theme of the program taught students that in the face of violence or bullying:  1. Don’t React 2. Rethink 3. Respond.  The program focuses on teaching awareness and taking time to think about actions and consequences with emphasis on anti-violence and ending bullying. 

Hupy and Abraham is a sponsor of the Voice of the Fatherless Child’s Center for Intervention Through Entertainment.  The center, located at 4504 W. Burleigh, focuses on building a positive community, heightening awareness, and providing children with positive activity to keep them off the streets. 

Hupy and Abraham Partner With Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development

Michael Hupy has long been an advocate for civil rights. He marched with Father James Gropi during the civil rights movement. Although greater opportunities now exist for people of all races, African American youth are still struggling both educationally and socially.

The Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development (MCLD) provides after-school and weekend classes to give African American youth the skills needed for both academic and professional success. The Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are proud to partner with MCLD. Not only has Hupy and Abraham donated funds to help MCLD with their mission of providing African American youth with the training, information and experiences needed to reach the highest levels of achievement, but also two employees are donating their time and talent to help MCLD make a positive impact on the youth of Milwaukee. Marketing director Jill Wellskopf and personal injury attorney Todd Korb have joined the MCLD board of directors.

Hupy and Abraham was recently recognized for their support in a personal letter from the MCLD Executive Director, Tamiko Jordan-Obregon:

“When I received your check, the dream that I have been working towards for several years became that much closer to becoming a reality. Your donation will cover the cost of five of our youth participants in the leadership course scheduled for January 2012 and for that, we are grateful.”

Ms. Jordan-Obregon also stated, “Hupy & Abraham are very committed to the Milwaukee community and to the MCLD. It is pleasing to see that they do not simply write checks; rather, they also give of their time, talent, and treasure. Hopefully, other businesses will follow in their footsteps. Many people are talking about change and waiting for change, but it is going to take action and not words. They are helping the MCLD to build a pipeline to minority talent which is in high demand, but greatly lacking in Milwaukee; and quite frankly, across the country.”

Attorney Michael Hupy Supports Milwaukee Justice Center

Attorney Michael Hupy has pledged $100,000.00 to the Milwaukee Justice Center (MJC) to provide legal services to those who cannot afford a lawyer. Attorney Hupy is a founding member of the MJC located at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. 

The MJC, a public service project created by the Milwaukee Bar Association in partnership with Marquette University Law School and Milwaukee County, utilizes volunteers to address the unmet legal needs of Milwaukee County's low-income unrepresented litigants.

Through volunteer lawyers, paralegals, and Marquette University law students, the MJC operates a self-help desk to assist in completion of legal forms as well as a legal clinic offering information and referral services.  The center's goal is to provide basic legal information and referrals.

Attorney Hupy states, "There are times when duty calls and we must step up to the plate for the public good to fulfill our professional obligations.  I have pledged to donate $100,000.00 to the Milwaukee Justice Center so the less fortunate can have access to the legal system." Attorney Hupy was recognized by Jim Temmer, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Bar Association, for his generous pledge as well as for his leadership in promoting the public service effort.       

Hupy and Abraham is Platinum Sponsor of the Sojourner Family Peace Center’s AWEAR Fashion Show

Hupy and Abraham was a platinum sponsor of the Sojourner Family Peace Center‘s ninth annual ‘AWEAR’ Fashion Show fundraising event on March 29, 2012 which raised nearly $100,000. The firm has been an event sponsor for many years. 

Hupy and Abraham purchased two tables to the event with all proceeds benefiting the Sojourner Family Peace Center’s many resources that are designed to break the cycle of family violence within the Milwaukee area. Attorneys of the law firm wore purple, which was encouraged to symbolize “courage, survival and hope,” said Angela Mancuso, executive director of Sojourner Family Peace Center.

Sojourner Family Peace Center is a nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy and resources throughout Milwaukee to break the cycle of family violence.

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you from the Co-Executive Director of the Sojourner Family Peace Center (SFPC) for the firm’s contribution to and participation in the 2012 AWEAR Fashion Show.

Hupy and Abraham Helps the Wild Space Dance Company Celebrate 25 Years of Business

The Wild Space Dance Company has been a part of Milwaukee’s efforts to help keep teens out of trouble and off the streets. Community outreach is central to Wild Space’s mission of expanding the audience for contemporary dance. To meet this goal, Wild Space Dance Company has developed programs for young people and adults. These programs offer education and enrichment opportunities.

Hupy and Abraham and their staff feel that it is important to contribute to programs such as the Wild Space Dance Company. Contributions such as these help our future generations to develop and grow into promising people within the community. Along with other donors, Hupy and Abraham was listed on the Wild Space Dance Company’s website.

With the help of Hupy and Abraham, the Wild Space Dance Company enjoyed great success for their 25th Anniversary dance season. Their performances at the Pritzlaff Building sold out audiences for every show and caused critical acclaim.

Their outreach programs in Milwaukee have brought dance and physical fitness to young people, from kindergarten to high school, which inspired over 5,000 students through visual arts and physical movement initiatives. With Hupy and Abraham as a main donor, the Wild Space Dance Company can continue to expand their programs and explore new opportunities in the community.

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to the Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s 20th Anniversary Harvest of Hope Celebration

The Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship empowers young people ages 9-24 to see themselves as “the CEO of Me” and to experience personal and professional growth through programs and coaching related to financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

“The CEO of Me” mindset empowers young people to become competitive professionals and successful entrepreneurs through the Center for Teaching Entrepreneurships’ businesses, virtual programs and business incubator.

One of the many programs that Hupy and Abraham helped to contribute to was “I Can Be My Own Boss.” This program is for young people ages 9-24 with a business idea or an existing business. Topics covered include importance of customer service, record keeping, key ways to market your business, self-management, communication and presentation skills, telephone courtesy, business plan development and how to identify resources. .

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center

The Safe Harbor is a private not-for-profit organization that brings child abusers to justice by providing a safe place for child victims to tell of their painful experience. The Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center is a fully accredited member of the National Children's Alliance.

The law firm will continue to support causes like these so that the people responsible can be brought to justice.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsors 2012 Little League Team

Hupy and Abraham is proud to be the sponsor for the Beckhum-Stapleton Little League Baseball team. The league schedule will run from May 2012 through July 2012.

The team was established in the city of Milwaukee in 1964 by James Beckum. Four Milwaukee churches sponsored teams to start the league: Greater Galilee Baptist, New Hope Baptist, Incarnation Lutheran and St. Mark’s AME.

The baseball team was established to help troubled children and teens throughout the city of Milwaukee. The team allows the children to have a recreational activity that is designed to help keep them out of trouble and off the streets. With the help of Hupy and Abraham, discipline and team skills will be taught to the participants.

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to Center for Communication Hearing and Deafness

For the past 85 years, the Center for Communication Hearing and Deafness (CCHD) has provided services to children and adults throughout Wisconsin. Its mission is to provide and promote state-of-the-art services and technologies that enhance the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss.

At CCHD, clients have the opportunity to make decisions and select a treatment plan that best meets their needs and goals. The diverse team of professionals includes Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Sign Language Interpreters and Wisconsin’s only Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist, as well as other specialists in deaf education and assistive technology.

With Hupy and Abraham’s help, the CCHD will be able to continue to provide classes for parents who have a deaf or hearing impaired child. Other classes for adults and children are also available at the center.

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to Wisconsin North Lakeland Discovery Center

The North Lakeland Discovery Center is a place where people can come to connect to the natural world of Wisconsin. The location in the Northwoods of Wisconsin is remote and surrounded by water and forests. The center is dedicated to promoting stewardship and life-long learning with nature.

Hupy and Abraham believes that the Center’s work is important for our youth. Programs such as “Aquatic Invasive Species” and the “Timber Wolf Alliance” help children learn about our environment and how to keep it thriving so that Wisconsin can stay as beautiful as it is today.

Hupy and Abraham’s contribution will be used to help deliver a variety of programs and activities such as: the new “Nibbles ‘N Knowledge” lecture series and weekend family activities.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsor the Rescue Riders Organization

Hupy and Abraham is recognized as a platinum sponsor to the organization and has a long tradition of supporting the training of over 150 new Rescue Riders in Illinois and Wisconsin.

The Rescue Riders is a not-for-profit charitable organization made up of trained volunteer first responders. Acting strictly under applicable Good Samaritan laws, they are able to provide basic life sustaining actions, accident scene control, EMS contact and assistance for any person at any time who has suffered a traumatic injury. Swift action taken during the “golden hour” following a traumatic injury, specifically within the time frame between incident and EMS arrival, may make a difference between life and death.

The Rescue Riders offer a variety of classes for those who are willing and interested in helping motorcyclists who have been in an accident.

The motorcycle injury lawyers of Hupy and Abraham believe that the safety of cyclists is very important. We will continue to stand behind injured riders and help sponsor programs supporting motorcycle safety.

Hupy and Abraham is Sponsor for Annual Milwaukee Oyster Roast for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Hupy and Abraham was a major table sponsor for the sold out Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s 9th Annual Milwaukee Oyster Roast held at the Garage of the Harley Davidson Museum.

Hupy and Abraham helped to put on this year’s roast with “Milwaukee style.” The event consisted of oysters, beer, bands, bikes and bivalves. The Milwaukee Oyster Roast featured hundreds of oyster eaters from around the state, all with the common goal of creating a world without blood cancers. It helped raise over $85,000 for research for those suffering from leukemia and lymphoma in Wisconsin.

Nearly 2,700 Wisconsin residents are diagnosed with a blood cancer each year. Hupy and Abraham was proud to be a contributor for the event in order to help reduce the number of people affected by blood cancers each year.

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you on behalf of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) for its donation.

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to Lissy’s Place

Lissy’s Place is a home sponsored by My Home, Your Home Inc. (MHYH). Lissy’s Place is a transitional housing program for women who have been homeless, abused or formerly in foster care. Women living in housing, provided by MHYH, range in age from 18 to 29. The goal of this particular program is to assist women in increasing skills and resources so that they can become independent.

Hupy and Abraham sponsored the 3rd Annual "Keeping the Dream Alive" Luncheon benefitting Lissy's Place. Hupy and Abraham was a major sponsor of the luncheon and went above and beyond by donating a Kindle Fire to the event. Because of the donation, the luncheon raised over $1,000 more than what was originally anticipated. The event was held at the Italian Community Center located in downtown Milwaukee.

Hupy and Abraham also made a donation that allowed the women of Lissy’s Place to spend an afternoon learning how to sew, hand make jewelry and educate themselves financially. These activities and educational classes help women develop the lifelong skills that are necessary for promoting self-sufficiency.

 My Home, Your Home Inc. personally thanked Hupy and Abraham for its sponsorship contributions in 2012.  The law firm’s generosity over the last year has allowed the organization to expand their care and shelter for abused children and adults of Milwaukee.

Lissy's Place is able to stay open with the help of donors like Hupy and Abraham

Hupy and Abraham Contributes to Feeding American Eastern Wisconsin

The firm’s contribution to Feeding American Eastern Wisconsin (FAEW) helped to feed the less fortunate throughout the Milwaukee area.

FAEW distributes food through a network of 1,000 hunger-relief programs throughout eastern Wisconsin. Over 50,000 pounds of food are distributed to all 1,000 pantries each day. Food collected by FAEW is given to food pantries, soup kitchens, meal programs and homeless shelters in 36 counties in eastern Wisconsin.

The law firm’s contribution helped FAEW distribute over 15,400,000 pounds of food to feed hungry families. With the help of the firm, FAEW was able to help provide five meals for every dollar that was given.

Michael Hupy and Associates Attends YWCA Circle of Women Event

Michael Hupy and associates attended the Circle of Women event provided by the YWCA of Greater Milwaukee at the Frontier Airlines Center. All donations for the event were used to: help provide safe and stable places for the children of Milwaukee to live, allow teenagers of Milwaukee to afford tutoring and testing for the GED program, and provide training needed for Milwaukee teenagers to qualify for a job in the future.

The Circle of Women is the oldest organization in Milwaukee that is ran by women, for women. The annual luncheon helps to broaden awareness and support of the YWCA’s programs.

Over 5,000 people attended the event. Mr. Hupy was invited to attend the event by Rebecca Beres. Ms. Beres is the business and employment services manager for the YWCA of Greater Milwaukee. She helps to manage qualified job seekers with employment opportunities.

Michael Hupy Donates to Marquette University

Michael Hupy helped Marquette University by donating $20,000 to the building of the Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall.

The renovations for the building were designed to expand the building so that it could hold the growing number of anticipated law students that would be attending Marquette University. Future students looking to attend law school would not have to travel out of state. The convenient location off of the freeway allows students easy access to the building and their classes.

A new four-story open forum within the heart of the building serves as a gathering space for the families and students who attend the law school. The law library now combines a strong print-based collection and other forms of professional technology. New computers and other forms of research technology have been added to the building.

The main part of the project that the law school was excited about was adding on a trial courtroom and an appellate courtroom. The trial courtroom will be used to provide an authentic environment for students who are training to be lawyers in the near future. The appellate courtroom serves as a ceremonial courtroom for moot court finals and visits by appellate courts. It is also used as a lecture hall and forum for public debates.

Ray and Kay Eckstein’s School of Law also contains some other amenities for the students. One of the new additions is the welcoming two-story reading room. It offers beautiful views of downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan. This comfortable environment was designed to be used for students who will be immersed in their readings of traditional law. This area can also be used for other homework or reading material if necessary. Only law students of Marquette University are admitted into this area.

The chapel, located on the fourth floor of the building, provides a place for quiet reflection for all students and members of the law school. The chapel is available anytime the law building is open. It is also the site for monthly masses during the school year.

A fitness center has also been provided to the students to be used during their study breaks or in between classes. Located on the fourth floor, the fitness room is used for physical activity and exercise classes. Showers and locker rooms and also provided.

Hupy will be recognized by Marquette University for his thoughtful contribution. Thanks to him and many other sponsors, the renovations were completed faster than expected. Hupy is a graduate of Marquette University’s law school.

Hupy and Abraham Donate Defibrillator to Special Olympics of Wisconsin

The Special Olympics of Wisconsin now has an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) device on site that helps increase chances of survival during sudden cardiac arrest.  The life-saving equipment was donated by the personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham.

Hupy and Abraham, S.C was inspired to donate a defibrillator to the Special Olympics in memory of William Scherer, a former Special Olympian, who was almost saved because an AED was used.

Hupy and Abraham arranged for Vicki Sanfelipo, Executive Director of Accident Scene Management, to be onsite to train representatives of Special Olympics in AED use. 

Attorney Michael Hupy presented the AED which was received by Special Olympian Sidny Harker on behalf of Special Olympics of Wisconsin.  Kelly Lang, Regional Director of Development of Special Olympics of Wisconsin thanked the law firm for their donation.  “We are pleased that Special Olympics will be a beneficiary of this potentially lifesaving equipment which can be used if a person suffers sudden cardiac arrest. We hope we never have to use it, but it's another measure of safety for us," said Lang. 

Hupy and Abraham Help Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Hupy and Abraham contributed to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Academic Learning Center so that new computers could be added to the computer lab. The children and young adults of the church will be able to benefit from the sponsorships in favor of the church by being able to use the computers for their church school and youth programs.

The church hopes that by having a new computer lab, young adults will come back to the church and try to become involved within the parish. Hupy and Abraham believes that furthering a child’s education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life because helping to create a safe environment for positive learning will help to create new leaders for the future.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsor of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Evvent

The Rockford Illinois office of Hupy and Abraham helped sponsor the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) event. In March, the office participated in a St. Patrick’s Day themed event called the Shamrock Shuffle. The law firm received a personal thank you from the founding president and CEO of PPMD.

The Shamrock Shuffle consisted of a 5K Run or Walk. All sponsorships and proceeds for the event went to helping men and boys who are currently being affected by Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.

PPMD is the number one leader in fighting against Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy. The organization will continue to help raise funds for the important research needed to make incredible progress to end Duchenne.

Hupy and Abraham is a Table Sponsor of ValenDale Scholarship Award Diner

The ValenDale Scholarship Award Dinner was put together by the Wisconsin Association of African-American Lawyers (WAAL). WAAL’s mission is to diversify the legal community and to be a source of information and inspiration to African-American lawyers and the community as a whole.

The WAAL established the VelanDale scholarship in 1990. The scholarship benefits African American law students attending Marquette University or the University of Wisconsin. The scholarship was named VelanDale to recognize both Velan and Dale’s outstanding accomplishments. Once they graduated from law school, Velan and Dale opened their own law practice under the name Phillips and Phillips in Milwaukee.

Hupy and Abraham also sponsored the key note speaker at the event, Christopher Reynolds. Reynolds is a Harvard Law graduate of 1986. Reynolds is currently the group vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. He is also the chief environmental officer. Reynolds oversees the groups that are responsible for all legal services within the company.

The VelanDale Scholarship Award dinner was meant to be a celebration of competent lawyers throughout the state of Wisconsin. The award recipients for the evening were Emery Harlan and Gregory Wesley. Both men received their degrees from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsor of 4th Annual ABATE of Wisconsin Chicken Wing Spring Fling

The event was held to raise money for funding educational courses based on motorcycle rights and safety. The spring fling raised over $1,500.

The event was held at the Olde Highlander Golf Club located in Oconomowoc. The event included chicken wing tastings, beer, soda, live music and raffles.

Hupy and Abraham is a strong believer in motorcycle awareness and safety programs. The law firm will continue to help educate drivers on watching for motorcycles.

Hupy and Abraham is Sponsor of Staying Involved Inc.

Staying Involved Inc. began in the summer of 2011. Their enrichment programs target low-income students by providing activities and education to help guide them to make positive life choices. Hupy and Abraham is one of the first companies to stand up and support Staying Involved Inc.

Staying Involved, Inc. offers many programs for youth of Milwaukee. One of the programs centers on enrichment tutoring for Milwaukee youth. Tutoring is a year round program that covers all school subjects. The nonprofit also offers summer camps that include outdoor activities and field trips.

Staying Involved Inc. is excited to announce their Ervin Killebrew Senior Scholarship program. The program offers four $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors that will be attending college in the fall. In order to qualify for the scholarship, each student must complete a total of twelve hours of community service in one calendar year.

Hupy and Abraham is a sponsor of all of Staying Involved Inc.’s events throughout 2012.

Hupy and Abraham Thanked by Marquette University

Hupy and Abraham recently received a personal thank you from Marquette University. The law firm made a donation to the University for their “National Student Employee Appreciation Week” celebration. The donations made by the law firm recognized student employees on campus and provided them with tokens of appreciation.

Each year, Marquette University’s Student Employee of The Year Committee distributes donations and gifts made by local employers of the Milwaukee area. Hupy and Abraham was one of the contributors to the event.

The law firm donated t-shirts, key chains, pens, safety awareness glove box cards and bumper stickers. The law firm’s name was also mentioned as one of the main contributors and could be found throughout the campus.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsor of Centro Legal’s 2012 Annual Luncheon

The luncheon was held to help sponsor those within Milwaukee that are in need of legal guidance, but who cannot afford to pay an attorney.

Centro Legal is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable legal services to low-income individuals in the city of Milwaukee. They serve a diverse group of clients in both family law and criminal misdemeanor defense cases.

The annual luncheon was held in Milwaukee at the Italian Community Center. Over 220 guests were in attendance for the event. Dr. Dave Pate, Jr., assistant professor in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee served as the keynote speaker for the event.

Hupy and Abraham was a main table sponsor for the afternoon. The law firm will continue to support Centro Legal and their mission to help those in need.

Hupy and Abraham Thanked by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you from Milwaukee’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CF Foundation). The law firm recently sponsored and attended the organization’s 6th Annual Milwaukee Wine Opener.

For over 50 years, the CF Foundation has helped provide the research needed to find the cure for cystic fibrosis. Thanks to remarkable scientific and medical breakthroughs, citizens of Milwaukee affected by this disease are living longer, healthier lives.

Over the last few years, the Milwaukee Wine Opener has developed into Milwaukee’s premier wine-tasting event featuring many wines from around the world. Catering from some of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants was available for guests to enjoy. The event also included a raffle, silent auction and live music. All proceeds for the event went to helping find a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsors YMCA Black Achievers End of Year Celebration

Hupy and Abraham sponsored and attended the YMCA Black Achievers End of the Year Celebration and Senior Send-Off Dinner. The event consisted of 30 graduating seniors who completed high school and the teen oriented leadership program.

Milwaukee’s YMCA Black Achievers program is an academic achievement and career development program for high school youth and teens of color. The name “Black Achievers” represents and describes the historical origin and mission. Today, the YMCA Black Achievers program is like the national YMCA movement, multi-racial and gender-balanced.

Students who participate in the YMCA Black Achievers program receive tutoring for their difficult classes. All participants complete community service hours in order to help give back to the community.

Hupy and Abraham would like to congratulate all Black Achievers and high school graduates of the 2012 class.

Hupy and Abraham Thanked by Hospice Foundation of Northeastern Illinois

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you for their contribution made to the Hospice Foundation of Northeastern Illinois. The contribution will go to helping the residents living within the hospice program.

The Hospice Foundation of Northeastern Illinois is committed to the belief that hospice is about the right to live life to the fullest and to die with dignity, surrounded and supported by family and friends.

Hupy and Abraham Supports the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you for making a contribution to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation. The Crazy Horse monument is located in Crazy Horse, South Dakota.

The museum located at the monument site continues to grow with new pieces of artwork and new artifacts. The latest update to the museum was a large grouping of Andrew Standing Soldier paintings.

Hupy and Abraham Supports Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Grateful Plate Dinner and Auction

Hupy and Abraham sponsored and attended Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s 6th Annual Grateful Plate Dinner and Auction. The event was held to help raise money for those within Eastern Wisconsin who are in need of nutritious food.   

Last Christmas, Hupy and Abraham donated over 100 meals for low income families. Giving back to those that need nutritious food is one way that the law firm is involved with the community.

Hupy and Abraham Attends Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Black-N-Blue Ball

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is known to be the world’s largest non-governmental sponsor of research that is seeking to find the causes of, and the effective treatments for, neuromuscular diseases. The association sponsors about 300 research projects annually.

The Black-N-Blue Ball was designed to be a casual event for all guests. The attire for the evening consisted of black leather, blue jeans and fake tattoos. All guests who attended the event were able to help give back to MDA while feeling comfortable in their casual after work attire.

With the help from Hupy and Abraham, the turn out for the event was a huge success. Nearly 1,300 people enjoyed the evening among friends at the Frontier Airlines Center. All sponsored tables were sold out for the evening. The event raised over $690,000 thanks to donors such as Hupy and Abraham.

Hupy and Abraham

Hupy and Abraham Main Sponsor of Catkins Motorcycle Ride Fundraiser

The ride took place on June 23, 2012 to help adoptable pets find a home within the Fifield, WI area.

Within one year, the event grew four times in size. With 200 riders present at the event, the ride was able to reach over five counties within the Fifield area. The ride ran through Price, Ashland, Bayfield, Iron and Vilas Wisconsin.

Hupy and Abraham was proud to be able to help the adoptable animals at the shelter.

Hupy and Abraham Support ABATE

In 2011, Attorney Michael Hupy initiated a "Matching Grant" challenge to ABATE members and friends. Hupy and Abraham would match any donations up to $2,500. That challenge was met early in the year and he increased the pledge to $3,500. That second pledge was met by June, 2011 and Attorney Hupy increased the pledge once more after presenting a check for $3,500 to ABATE. The third pledge in the amount of $5,000 was met by the end of the year and ABATE received a total of $17,000 from donations and matching grants for the Dan Frantz Fund.


presentation checks


In 2012, Attorney Hupy proposed a "Triple Match" challenge.  Hupy and Abraham would match all donations up to $10,000. In addition, Attorney Hupy would personally match all donations up to $10,000 for a potential of tripling the total donations. By the beginning of June, ABATE had easily surpassed the $10,000 goal thanks to individuals and a large contribution from a region event.


At the state party, Summer Hummer, ABATE Legislative Chairman Dave Dwyer presented Attorney Michael F. Hupy's check for $10,000 to State Treasurer Lisa Martin. At the same time, Region 1A Membership Officer Tiger Beyer presented a check for $10,000 from Hupy and Abraham to Executive Director Ric Mellon.


 presentation checks detail


Attorney Hupy, a Life Member of ABATE of Wisconsin and 20+ year member of A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois said, "A large mortgage payment is the last thing you need in these hard economic times."  His idea was that challenging others to contribute to ABATE would be more beneficial than if he just made a flat donation. It appears he was right. Combined with the $20,000 from Hupy and Hupy and Abraham, ABATE of Wisconsin has, at the time of this writing, received $51,413 toward the Dan Frantz Fund. This is a perfect example of how creative thinking combined with the generosity of members and friends of ABATE can result in a successful fundraising endeavor.


Please browse our library to find out more about the charitable work we did during the second half of 2012 and in previous and subsequent years. We are honored to have had these opportunities to help our community and we look forward to our future charitable work.





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