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Hupy and Abraham Support the Grivieving Children at MargaretAnn's Place


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Dear Hupy and Abraham,

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of MargaretAnn's Place, thank you for your very generous donation for our "2013 Milwaukee Dancing with Our Stars" gala event. It was truly a wonderful night filled with lots of fun and fundraising!

Your contribution contributed to an amazing fundraiser that will fund MargaretAnn's Place as we provide education, support, and awareness for children in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties who are grieving the death of a loved one. Whether they attend our monthly groups, school groups, camp, or receive support through one of our other programs, it remains free of charge to each family, which is especially important during these harsh economic times and the tight family budgeting that many grieving families face.

We are very grateful for your support in Building Hope, Honoring Grief in the lives of grieving children and hope you will continue to be a proud donor and supporter of MargaretAnn's Place.


Loralei Marr
Managing Director
MargaretAnn's Place

Jill Erin Wellskopf
Connect with me
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham

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