happy new year2014 is coming to an end and most of us will be kicking off 2015 on New Year’s Eve. There is often a lot of pressure to have a memorable night and many people celebrate the New Year by hosting or attending holiday parties where alcohol is a big part of the festivities. It goes without saying that alcohol is often the primary detriment to safety on New Year’s Eve, particularly when combined with operating a vehicle. The personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham want to offer some safety tips to keep everyone safe this New Year’s Eve, so that we can start off 2015 with zero injuries.

Use caution when celebrating at home.  If you’re hosting or attending a party, be aware of the space. When you pop the champagne at midnight, remember that the cork is a dangerous projectile, so champagne should always be stored and opened with caution. Also avoid sparklers and scented candles around the home that can pose fire hazards, and do not light fireworks in residential areas.

Designate safe, sober drivers. On this night, there is usually a higher than average number of drunk drivers on the road. Of course, it is best to select a nondrinker to be a designated driver. If you have guests choosing not to stay the night, consider calling a cab to accommodate any intoxicated partygoers.

Stay alert when driving. Watch the actions of drivers around you for swerving or rapid breaking. Remember, at this time of year it could easily snow over the course of the night, so be prepared to drive in inclement weather. Assume that other drivers may be impaired, even if you are not.

Celebrate safely. There’s nothing wrong with having alcohol on New Year’s Eve as long as precautions are taken. Again, driving is out of the question. When in public, be vigilant of your drinks, and never leave them unattended. Females especially should attend parties with friends and, in general, stay with a familiar group of people. If you’re around people who seem to be overindulging, make sure they don’t hurt anyone or get behind the wheel.

We conclude simply with: don’t drink and drive! The risks involved far outweigh the price of cab fare or ending the evening early. We hope that everyone has a fun-filled evening, and our New Year’s resolution is that there will be no reason you need our help. But if for some reason you or a loved one experiences an accident or injury this New Year’s Eve, please contact the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham for a consultation about receiving appropriate compensation.

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