Hupy and Abraham’s Summer Festival Guide Tips.


Festival Tips to Keep You Safe in Milwaukee

Plan ahead

Remember that festivals like Summerfest or Mexican Fiesta won’t let you bring in large bags and many vendors require cash. Limit purses to small over-the-shoulder bags and bring cash in small bills to avoid long lines and ATMs. Then, aside from a phone, do not bring ANY electronics or items of value.

Establish a meeting place

If you are separated, always establish a meeting place and a “check-in” time to touch base with friends or family during the festival. If your chosen festival is of the camping variety, then be sure to invest in a decent tent and establish it as a “home base” for your group.

Dress for the occasion

Summer festivals can get hot but remember that when night falls and concerts get rowdy, you’ll wish you had a light sweater and closed-toe shoes. Also, avoid cancer-causing sunburn and make sure to apply high-SPF sunscreen throughout the day, even if it seems overcast.

Imbibe with care

Drinking, especially in Milwaukee, will likely be included or even featured at many summer festivals. Never leave drinks unattended. Remember never to drink and drive, especially with the numerous shuttle services that are available to choose from. And always remember to be courteous to those around you by knowing your limits. With the combination of heat, alcohol, and crowds, it’s surprisingly easy to overdo it and ruin your experience.  

Remain patient and considerate

Festivals are busy places, so don't be irritated by being pushed or someone stepping on your toes. There will be lines, slow-moving crowds, and out-of-towners meandering. If camping, don’t be afraid to make friends with your neighbors. You can keep an eye on each other's tents and belongings. Finally, watch out for your friends and respect the venues’ rules so that everyone can remain safe.

Injured During a Festival?

Hupy and Abraham attend and sponsor many festivals and other community events throughout the summer and fall. You’ll be able to find us promoting our DNT TXT N DRV and “Watch for Motorcycles” campaigns at many of the events on the list. Follow our events calendar to find out which festivals we will be attending.

But, if for any reason you are injured by the negligence of an intoxicated festivalgoer, or unsafe security measures, please contact our personal injury lawyers by calling 800-800-5678 for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation today.

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