Dear Hupy and Abraham, S.C.,

Thank you for being part of the Timber-lee family. The time you spent with us on July 18th was such a blessing! Your participation and support of our "17th Annual Golf Outing and Dinner/Auction" helped raise $56,000 for Urban Camp, the Science Education Center, and our Scholarship Fund.

Urban Camp gives inner city youth the chance to meet God face-to-face at Timber-lee by experiencing what community is all about. Campers get to see the stars (some for the very first time!), swim, zipline, climb the rock wall, challenge themselves on the high ropes, and hear amazing speakers throughout their week at camp.

We hope you enjoyed your time with us at the Grand Geneva.

Thank you again for making it possible for more youth to encounter Christ by being part of our Timber-lee family. We appreciate you!


Mike McCorkle
Timber-lee Ministries

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham