best places to work award hupy and abraham trophy outside of Milwaukee Center

Thursday, August 18, the Milwaukee Business Journal invited the winning organizations of their Best Places to Work Award to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena for a pep rally-themed event. At this event, it was announced that Hupy and Abraham received a score of 87.09, and placed 14th in the medium-sized business category in all of southeastern Wisconsin.

This score of 87.09 comes from a survey in which Hupy and Abraham employee scores were measured on how favorably they responded to questions in core areas including personal engagement, communication and resources, teamwork, retention, alignment with goals, trust with co-workers and senior leaders, manager effectiveness, job satisfaction and more. The winners were then selected based on highest scores in each category.

The event featured the Milwaukee Buck’s drumline, a pep rally-themed luncheon and multiple guest speakers. Among the guest speakers was the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Kass, along with HNTB Corp. Vice President Ashley Booth and R&R Insurance Owner and Executive Vice President Jack Riesch.

Finally, the Best Places to Work winners were announced in each category: micro company (10-24 employees), small company (25-49 employees), medium company (50-99 employees), large company (100-199 employees) and extra-large company (200+ employees). Each organization received a trophy and a gift basket for this accomplishment along with a summary of what makes that organization one of the best places to work. Below is a summary of Hupy and Abraham’s Best Place to Work recognition.

How does your company promote work-life balance for its employees?

Hupy and Abraham promotes work-life balance by offering individuals flexibility in planning their schedules, employee wellness reimbursement, “bonus” paid time off during the holidays and a competitive benefits package. Additionally, we are proud of our Employee Volunteer Program and how much our staff loves to get involved! Each year, all employees are given eight paid hours to volunteer in the community, giving staff the opportunity to pursue their passions.

What are you doing to increase retention at your company? 

We look to increase retention at Hupy and Abraham by setting clear expectations when a new person is hired. We offer a formal training program and mentorships. Additionally, there are a variety of ways for employees to give feedback so that their opinions and ideas are heard. This includes a suggestion box where employees can anonymously submit suggestions. The firm has also adopted a communication audit in which employees complete an anonymous, voluntary survey to give feedback on the communication channels and habits within the firm.

Most recently, the firm has set up cross-functional departmental teams so that peers can meet and provide feedback for continuous improvement. We know employees have the best ideas and this gives them a platform to share. With these different feedback initiatives, the firm is actively changing and improving to create the best internal work environment possible. 

Finally, it is important to us that employees engage in our workplace culture. We try to get people involved by having them submit “Kudos” for other employees and spotlight employees for their good work. Every month, bonuses are given to “Kudos” winners. There is also an employee spotlight section on our intranet where every month a different employee is highlighted with their photo and a few fun facts. We find that through all these things, employees who enjoy the workplace and engage in the work culture are more likely to stay.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham