Dear Hupy and Abraham,

On behalf of WBCS, Inc., thank you for your very generous contribution of $5,000. Hupy and Abraham will be recognized as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2015 Pinktacular Event Salute to Survivors Fashion Show and Luncheon on Tuesday, October 6, at the Italian Community Center. Your partnership is both a welcome and important part of our success.

WBCS is the largest annual donor for adult cancer research to the MCW Cancer Center. The cumulative gift to date from our all-volunteer organization is $5.45 million. Our funding has enabled researchers we support to leverage our awards into an additional $43.7 million in competitive external funding. In addition, the WBCS Breast Cancer Research Professorship pledge of $1 million to facilitate recruitment of a nationally renowned scientist has been completed. Your support is helping to accelerate our investment in the targeted research we support.

We are grateful to you for helping to make a difference for patients afflicted by breast cancer and prostate cancer. Together we are advancing research for those who can be helped today and those diagnosed with these diseases in the future.

Michael Hupy – I know how important this cause is to you. We are so grateful for your generosity year after year. Thank you!

With my very best wishes,

Jan Lennon
Co-Chairperson, Development
Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham