Hupy and Abraham Continues 10 Year Sponsorship of “SafeRide” to Keep Our Roads Safe and Take Drunk Drivers Off Road.


The Wisconsin-based law firm of Hupy and Abraham has joined the Tavern League of Wisconsin as the only sponsor of their “SafeRide Program” to reduce drunk driving and prevent the injuries incurred with it. The Tavern League of Wisconsin’s “SafeRide Program” is the largest of its kind in the entire nation and has helped reduce alcohol-related crashes by 33% since 2007.


As a corporate sponsor of Safe Ride of Milwaukee County, the firm will be supporting some of the 85,000 rides that are made through this program in the state of Wisconsin.


During the summer festival season, the law firm of Hupy and Abraham. S.C. would like to urge the public to utilize ride-sharing programs like Safe Ride as an alternative to impaired driving.


Milwaukee County Tavern League offers a “safe ride” to all current members. All the riders must ask their server or bartender to call them a safe ride.

Hupy and Abraham’s participation in the nation’s largest “SafeRide Program” is the firm’s latest effort to reduce traffic accidents. The firm’s “Watch for Motorcycles” campaign has received over 10 million views and Attorney Michael Hupy has made live television appearances to educate the public on pedestrian right-of-way laws.  The firm also launched a “DNT TXT N DRV” program in which more than 50,000 bumper stickers have been distributed.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham