Our 56-year-old client was involved in an accident the afternoon of July 24, 2014, in Madison. The accident took place at the intersections of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street/North Street. Our client was crossing East Washington Avenue when he was stuck in the marked crosswalk. After the accident, he needed to be transported to a hospital, and sustained a number of serious injuries. Our client arrived at the hospital with damage to the brain that caused bleeding on the brain. His memory had been affected, he also had a broken arm and leg.  

Stop light with green walk sign
 Our client suffered serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle.

Sometimes, weather can be a big element in pedestrian accidents, but it was a sunny day and the weather played no part in this particular accident. The Madison Police Department was called and completed a police report.

Attorney Michael Hupy has diligently fought for pedestrian awareness for many years. In the summer of 2013, he appeared in two television interviews to increase awareness about pedestrians and pedestrian safety. A number of PSAs have aired on television providing both motorists and pedestrians safety tips. Visit this page to view one of these public service announcements.

Please help spread the message to “Watch for Pedestrians” and fill out this form to receive a free bumper sticker. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact a Hupy and Abraham attorney at 800-800-5678.




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