The number of accidents caused by texting and driving has regrettably been rising instead of declining. More people are beginning to believe that this dangerous practice is the norm—when it should not be. If you know someone who has this horrible habit, take responsibility and ​convince your friends and family to stop.

Here are five tips that can help everyone stopdont text and drive sticker texting and driving:

  1. Take Away the Phone: Some people have no idea how much danger texting while driving creates. If you take away the driver’s phone, it eliminates the possibility for the driver to become distracted.
  2. Utilize Voice-to-Text Options: Many cellphones have the capabilities for voice to text (Siri for iPhone, Google Now for Android and Cortana for Windows Phone) that are already integrated into the system. This allows for hands-free communication, and keeps the driver’s eyes on the road.
  3. Text for the Driver:  Tell your friend that you will send texts for them so they do not become distracted while behind the wheel.
  4. Suggest That the Driver Pull Over: If your friend insists on driving, suggest that they pull over to send their texts. Pulling over lets them send the message they need without additional help, and prevents them from being distracted while driving.
  5. Set an Example: One of the best methods to influence friends and family is to lead by example. When others see that you are following your own advice by not texting and driving, they will want to change their habits.


Using these steps will help reduce the amount of danger on the road. We need to be sure that everyone is self-monitoring and watching out for their loved ones. Take the pledge to “DNT TXT N DRV” today and receive a free bumper sticker from Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

If you or a loved one has been injured from a car accident as a result of someone texting and driving, contact an attorney today.



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