A motorcycle rider is dressed in warm clothing on a fall motorcycle ride.

During the cold fall months, a lot of motorcycle riders will put their bikes into storage until the springtime. Though many riders wait until spring to hop on their bikes again, a lot of us plan on riding as long as we can, even if it’s really cold outside. If you plan on riding in the chilly fall weather, it’s important to dress properly and wear the right gear to stay safe and avoid injury from the cold.

Here are a few tips on how you should dress properly for a chilly fall motorcycle ride.

Fall weather can be very surprising, with very sudden temperature drops, cold rain and even snow. Even if you don’t plan on wearing it for the full ride, it’s important to always pack rain gear on your bike. If any of the layers you’re wearing get wet, you can freeze quickly. Wearing a waterproof jacket and boots, no matter what the weather is, will keep you warm and protect you from the elements. Make sure you have on a pair of gloves and something covering your neck to help avoid dangerous frostbite. If you choose to wear a helmet, one that is full faced is going to give you the most defense against the cold, wind and rain or snow. If you don’t plan on wearing a helmet, your whole head is going to be exposed, so you’ll want to wear things to help keep you less susceptible to the elements. Having a hat, eye protection and a face covering are all going to help you stay comfortable while riding.

Wearing insulated clothes and a few layers is going to be very important in cold weather on your motorcycle. The more layers and insulation your clothing has, the better protection from the cold you’ll have. You can always take off layers of clothing if you get too warm. When layering your riding clothes, you’ll want to have your first layer be a piece of clothing that is moisture-wicking, so that your skin stays dry. Having any moisture on your skin can make your body temperature drop quickly if it’s very cold outside. The next layer is your middle layer that should act as the main insulation for your body. A lot of riders like to choose a sweatshirt or flannel for this layer. Finally, your outer layer of clothing should be a jacket suited for motorcycle riding that has protection in case of a crash, as well as waterproofing. You’ll probably want your outer layer to have insulation as well if you plan on riding in freezing weather.

The cold can affect your reaction time, awareness and riding skills if you don’t have the proper gear to protect you. Make sure you’re always prepared with the right clothing for the weather you’ll be riding in. Your safety should come before your looks and even though you may look a little bulky while riding, you’ll be safe from the elements. With the proper clothing and gear you can hop on your bike and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery safely without having to worry about the cold.

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