You’ve seen the commercials. “We’ve helped injury victims can collect thousands of dollars, please call 800-XXX-XXXX.” But, really, what can a Madison personal injury lawyer actually do for you?

If you have been injured because another person or company behaved irresponsibly, you have a right to seek compensation for the damages they have caused. Examples of Madison personal injury cases include:

  • A head injury after being rear-ended near the East Towne Mall.
  • Losing a loved one to a drunk driving accident.
  • Serious internal injuries from a motorcycle crash on I-90.
  • A neighbor’s dog gets loose and bites your child.
  • Breaking an ankle after slipping on a wet floor at a Madison restaurant.
  • A serious illness after receiving the wrong prescription.
  • Shattered bones caused by a dangerous osteoporosis medication.

These are just a few ways that you can become a victim of someone else’s negligence. If you have suffered a serious injury, here are the ways a Madison personal injury attorney can help:

  • A personal injury attorney can assess your legal situation. He can determine who is at fault for your injury, whether that person is liable for your medical bills and other damages, the monetary value of the damages, and whether it is worth your time to pursue compensation.
  • A personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Once the lawyer has put a value on your claim, he will file a claim with the insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement that adequately covers your expenses, he can file a Wisconsin injury lawsuit.
  • A personal injury attorney can collect the evidence needed to support your claim. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. They will require evidence that you were not responsible for your own injuries. They will also need evidence your injuries are as severe as you claim. Your attorney will gather medical records, obtain police reports, interview witnesses and collect any other information that shows you deserve fair compensation.
  • A personal injury attorney can represent you in court. If the insurance company won’t play fair, your attorney will file a lawsuit and let a jury determine the true value of your case. Your attorney will file the necessary paperwork; prepare you for court, and present evidence on your behalf.
  • A personal injury attorney can manage your settlement. Once you are awarded a settlement, your attorney will make sure that any liens and outstanding bills are paid off. He will take out his fee and pay you the remainder.

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